things to hear

The Whole New Perfume Genius Album Is Streaming

NPR is streaming the whole new Perfume Genius album. For those who like to try before they buy, I suppose.


The New Orleans Mardi Gras Playlist

Happy Mardi Gras! While you watch the joy unfold down in New Orleans, listen to this:


Song Covered

Go here for Best Coast's cover of the inescapable Fleetwood Mac song "Rhiannon." It's a terrific take, even—or perhaps especially—if you're someone for whom the droning faux-mystic tones of Stevie Nicks inspires thoughts of warm baths and sharp blades.


Woman Talks About Thing

Here you will find a radio show about guilty pleasures in which Awl pal Maria Bustillos discusses romance novels, a subject dear to her heart.


It's Alan Bennett Diary Time

One of the few bright spots of any new year, apart from the holidays finally being over, is the London Review of Books' presentation of Alan Bennett's diary. The 2011 volume is only available to subscribers, but you can listen to some extracts here and then go buy yourself a copy of the issue. Or better yet, subscribe.


A David Foster Wallace Conversation

Tune in here at 1PM to hear Awl pals Maria Bustillos and Evan Hughes (among others) discuss David Foster Wallace.


Two Stories About Uteri

The Catapult highlights emerging fiction, nonfiction and poetry writers, with your host Jaime Green. This episode has Meghan Flaherty and Matthew Rossi telling stories about the vagaries of human incubation. Sort of! You can subscribe on iTunes or follow on Tumblr.


Take Me To The River And Then Take Me To The River Again

If you're not all that busy this afternoon why not listen to a bunch of versions of Al Green's "Take Me To The River"?


Books Discussed

Awl pals Nicole Cliffe and Richard Rushfield talk about Classic Trash on Richard's podcast. It's here!


The Magnetic Fields, 'Love At The Bottom Of The Sea'

Go here to stream Love At The Bottom Of The Sea, the great new record by the Magnetic Fields. Seriously, go. Go now.


Man Promotes Book

Listen to Awl pal Abe Sauer discuss his new book How to Be: North Dakota right here.


Ornette Coleman Rarities

Fans of the great jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman will want to head this way.


"The Catapult": Where To Hear New Writing

The Catapult is a new podcast that highlights emerging fiction, nonfiction and poetry writers, with your host Jaime Green. Here's episode one! You can subscribe on iTunes or follow on Tumblr.


Error Honored

One of the nice things about being at a geographical remove from another culture is that you can come to most of its luminaries unburdened by the prejudices proximity engenders. For instance, when I hear something about Simon Armitage, I think, "Oh, I like his poems" or "Gee, All Points North was a really enjoyable book," rather than, say, "Cor blimey, that insufferable twat again?" which is how I imagine British people might express it (if indeed they consider him an insufferable twat, which I have no evidence about either way; the point is just that he's so much less prominent in these parts that I haven't developed [...]


Song Remixed

Would you like to hear a dub remix of The Smiths' "This Charming Man"? It's here! I mean, you might not, that's fine too. Do whatever you want, I don't judge.


The New Imperial Teen Record

Imperial Teen – Runaway by MergeRecords

The adorable and fun-loving Imperial Teen (who I always think of as the original New Pornographers; their excellent first album, 1996's "Seasick," did predate the Pornographers by three years, but that's irrelevant, they don't have that much in common, besides being awesome and having a love of jaunty pop) have a new album out today! You can stream the whole album right here. Or even purchase it!


Woman Likes Songs

Would you like to hear Awl pal Maria Bustillos talking about the music that interests her? Yes, yes you would.