Things To Click

Finally, A Website About Television

"Previously.TV is a new site about, guess what, TV. We're talking about last night's shows, and some of the latest TV news, in the way we watch TV: a mix of appreciation, obsession, grim resolve, and abiding affection." —Very, very excited about, a new website from Awl pal Tara Ariano and a scary-talented group of contributors. I would tell you to add it to your RSS Reader, but do those things even exist anymore? DAMN YOU GOOGLE READER. Anyway, go here frequently.


Popdust.Com: Go Now

Oh, hey, you should totally head over to Popdust, the new pop music site helmed by former Blender editor Craig Marks and Awl stalwart Maura Johnston! Go say hi, if you haven't already!


It's Sad Out There

The level of despair you attach to each of the images within will depend on your own psychological condition, but Awl pal Sloane Crosley and friends will certainly give you something to cry about.


Launching Today: Quickish

Attention sports fans: Awl pal Dan Shanoff's Quickish—a real-time news aggregator—launches today. Check it out.


Every Pitcher Tells A Story

"It used to be that the question 'what are you drinking?' was between you and your bartender. Now, thanks to smartphones (and megaphones too) the same question is between you and the world. What hasn't changed, though, is that every drink is also a story. Brewtrakr asks 'what are you drinking?' because we want to hear that story." This project sounds fun already, bit it sounds even better when we tell you that one of its founders is Awl pal Luke Mazur. Check it out!