Things To Buy

'Punk 45' Not Just For People Who Are 45

If February really does shake out in the way that it seems like it's going to so far, this might be a mandatory purchase. You can seethe and soothe at the same time! Recommended.


Book Purchasable

This is available, and while I cannot tell you what to do I can certainly make suggestions.


It's Consumption Time!

"Let's be honest. Most of the gadgets people buy during these crazy holiday sales aren't for gifts. (And you shouldn't try to buy people who like gadgets electronics for presents anyhow.) But there's nothing wrong with getting a great deal on something, whether it is for you or someone else. Maybe you need a massive TV set, and if you can get it for cheaper this week, and so why wouldn't you There’s a ton of sites that do nothing but aggregate Black Friday deals, coupons and door crasher specials. We’ll point you in the direction of the ones that we think are worth your time. Sound good? Cool. [...]


Books Cheap

If you are one of those people who already has more books than time yet somehow keeps picking up new volumes that you will probably never get around to, definitely do not click on this link, because you will hate yourself after.


Book Appealing

"The often-reliable Soul Jazz Records label has recently issued another mahoosive tome dedicated to record sleeve imagery, in particular punk, new wave and U.S. garage-rock. Entitled 'Punk 45 – Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself!', the hefty volume weighs 2kg, comes dressed in an eye-catching orange cover and includes over 350 pages of punk-singles cover art from 1976-80, all edited and forwarded by Jon Savage and Stuart Baker." —How am I just hearing about this now? [...]


When You Need More Maura In Your Life

"I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how people consume online content and talking about those ever-shifting habits with the public. How do stories get told and disseminated in the age of social sharing—especially if they’re not easily digestible or instantly familiar? How can we make sure that writers are given resources to dive into stories that might not be obvious after a cursory Google search? Thankfully, the fine people at 29th Street Publishing are around and also thinking about those questions, as I learned during a Mets game in July. Perhaps prophetically, it was Fireworks Night, and my mind exploded with possibility as 29th [...]


So You Want To Buy A Box Of Hot

It's chilly, right? You're ready to get a space heater, aren't you? Good! This will help.


Rick Perry "Chia Head" as Tall as Real Rick Perry

One would think the picture of a six-foot Rick Perry "chia pet" planter would be comment enough. No sir. The story behind the chia governor (yours for $4,500) is much, much better (worse?).


Spider, Man (Sorry If You Get That Theme Song Stuck In Your Head But I Have It There Too Now So Why Should I Be The Only One Who Has To Suffer)

What's that you say? An arty comic about a man and a spider making sandwiches on the anti-social web? By Awl pal Amy Jean Porter? Available for pre-order at a discount right now? I'll take two!


A Christmas Gift For The Foodie You Inexplicably Associate With

Do you have a self-described "foodie" in your life who you have somehow thus far managed to not strangle? Are you, in fact, close enough to this self-described "foodie" that, even though the mixture of pity and humiliation you feel for both the person in question and yourself for having continuous contact is extremely high, you exchange holiday gifts with them? Perhaps this year, instead of an extra-sharp knife that you hope they will accidentally cut themselves with, putting an end to it all and sparing you the future indignity of still consorting with someone who does not even understand that they should have already expired from shame for describing [...]


BabyCakes: The App

"Kiernan Shipka helps me make waffles; Mark Bittman of the New York Times yaps vegetarianism; J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr wrote us a theme song!; James Beard Award winner Christina Tosi of Momofuku/Milk Bar shares a pie recipe and Brooks Headley of 4-star-earner Del Posto offers a crostata recipe; There’s a remix of the David Lebovitz donuts vid that is excellent!; there are babies baking; the premiere of BabyCakes Pretzels and Sandwich Bread! There’s just so much… most everything on video!" Awl pal Erin McKenna, proprietor of BabyCakes, has a new app with a bunch of recipes and other fun stuff. There's a trailer here, and you can [...]


Architectural Modernism as Evil in the Movies–The Magazine!

"I don't think that any iteration of modernism was ever intended to convey coldness, though it's certainly been codified that way in various pop cultural vehicles, Hollywood movies among them. I suppose it's funny, in the end, that even these happy, vibey California homes can somehow be retrofitted to house vice. And that the filmmakers would deem them appropriate containers for villainy in the first place is something I can't help but smile at." —Benjamin Critton discusses his "tabloid treatise," Evil People in Modern Homes in Popular Films, now on sale at Printed Matter. (via, via)