Things People Wear

The Impressive History Of Blue Jeans

"Please find enclosed one pair of your overalls which I am sending you that the head of your fabric department may determine what is wrong. I purchased these from the Brayton Commercial Co of Wickenburg, Arizona, in the early part of 1917 and I have worn them every day except Sunday since that time and for some reason which I wish you would explain they have gone to pieces. I have worn nothing but Levi Strauss overalls for the past 30 years and this pair has not given me the service that I have got from some of your overalls in the past. I know that it is your aim [...]


What We Read (On Shirts) At Lollapalooza 2011

It was a truly glorious thing to be reminded of the righteous, orgiastic power of the Woodstock Effect over the weekend at Lollapalooza. Sunday's downpours put an exclamation mark on a lineup that included: Eminem, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Deadmau5 and a lot of pop music, plenty of skin courtesy of shockingly fit Midwesterners, the endless parade of hoopsters—Bulls jerseys and white NBA players were trending disproportionately again this year—the sausage, the pizza, the sausage pizza, the koozies, the tall boys, wine water bottles, old people selling drugs to young people, young people selling drugs to old people, tweakers, trippers, drunks, rollers, hand-standers, jumpers of invisible jump ropes, tank-top [...]


Dress Yourself Bloggy

"The band t-shirt has been a staple of our casual wardrobe for a while—really, ever since that one Deerhoof show—but that’s because rock stars are cool. Bloggers, not so much. But as in many things, Andrew Sullivan is the exception. The combination of an awesome beard and a balanced understanding of new media make him the closest our tribe has to a rock star, so he’s teamed up with the nautical experts (and Provincetown residents) at Rogues Gallery for a trio of screenprinted tees." Andrew Sullivan has a t-shirt? Why don't we have a t-shirt? Oh, right, because it would probably look like this. Carry on.