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Legs & Scenery: Watching "Sarah Palin's Alaska"

Is “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” a protracted 2012 campaign ad? An End-Times relocation brochure for fundamentalists? Or just the most boring hour of television since Lawrence Welk? Probably all three. Most of my friends are baffled by the media’s obsession with her. “I'm watching her give a speech on CNN, and she might very well be the most aggressively stupid person I have ever seen on the national stage,” one said recently. “And I'm old enough to remember Dan Quayle.” But I can’t help it, I’m transfixed. And because I don’t have cable (except for basic-basic and HBO, a combination apparently only available to Cablevision subscribers [...]


Netflix Is Devouring The Internet

Nextflix is eating up the Internet, but that seems a small price to pay to have Season 2 of "The IT Crowd" available for streaming any time I want.