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Selling Out Never Seemed So Fashionable

At this point, it's probably not even worth emitting much of a sigh when you hear that John Fogerty is selling a line of flannel shirts. Though the fact that they're called "Fortunate Son Flannel" is an extra little twist of the shiv between your ribs. And what? Mike Watt, too? One that looks very similar—"This is almost like the real deal; this is almost how that actual shirt was"—to the one he was wearing in the picture on the cover of Double Nickels On the Dime. I mean, okay. There are probably better things in the world to get all up in arms about. [...]


Liveblogging The New Citibank Commercial

0:05 Man who looks like Seth Meyers and mimics facial expressions of Ed Helms gets dumped at restaurant by needlessly cruel woman. 0:08 He goes home to dark apartment to cry and masturbate to internet porn on Macbook Air. 0:10 Ends up on Citi Private Pass page and decides to pay for sex.


Killer Mike Should Buy That Vial Of Ronald Reagan's Blood

About 3 to 4 months ago, I contacted the Reagan National Library and spoke to the head of the library, a Federal Agent. I told him what I had, how I came across it and so on. We spoke for about 45 minutes. The reason that I contacted the Reagan National Library was to see if they would like to purchase it from me. He indicated that if I was interested in donating it he would see to it that he would take care of all of the arrangements. Prior to hanging up the phone, he said to me, do me a favor, don’t move from where you [...]