Things People Gesticulate

Gestures Elucidated

This GIF gallery of hand gestures for critical discourse is good but it lacks the [right hand moving up and down an imaginary shaft to suggest disdain for tedious wankery, a.k.a. "the jerk-off"] motion. Hopefully they will add that soon. [Via]


People Talk With Their Hands

"To Italians, gesturing comes naturally. 'You mean Americans don’t gesture? They talk like this?' asked Pasquale Guarrancino, a Roman taxi driver, freezing up and placing his arms flat against his sides. He had been sitting in his cab talking with a friend outside, each moving his hands in elaborate choreography. Asked to describe his favorite gesture, he said it was not fit for print. In Italy, children and adolescents gesture. The elderly gesture. Some Italians joke that gesturing may even begin before birth. 'In the ultrasound, I think the baby is saying, "Doctor, what do you want from me?"' said Laura Offeddu, a Roman and an elaborate gesticulator, as [...]