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Love Letter to Concrete

"Those staircases like fists, those abstract angles so bloody sure of themselves – that bravado rubbed people up the wrong way. For 30 years, these civic megaliths were the most hated buildings in history. But today, the ones that remain are making our hearts skip a beat. Brutalist buildings inhabit a polarised world of love and hate, life and death." [Related]

Concrete by Rick.


How To Build A Subterranean Breakfast Nook Where You Can Cook Up Some Worms And Salamanders

Hippies: Are they good for anything at all? Well, yes, it turns out. If you want a comfy little place to eat breakfast in the woods in Bolinas, California, hippies are the folks to make it for you. These two, Sean Hellfritsch and Rob Wilson might handle cooking duties, too. Although the editing of this video (and this is my favorite part of this video) implies that what you'll be eating is fried salamander. (I hope they brought lots of ketchup.) The music gets really funny when they find a mushroom, too. It's like seraphim singing in heaven. (Have you seen Kelly Reichardt's Old Joy? If [...]