These Things Happen

Uncorrected Version Sounds Better

"A theater review on Tuesday about 'The Spring Fling: First Love' at the Access Theater in Manhattan, using information from the program, reversed the description of two of the six short plays that are presented. 'PWNED' by Mark Sitko is about people playing video games, and 'The Morning After' by Lauren Yee features a couple torturing a man."


When You Rent Out Your Apartment You Should Pretty Much Assume People Are Gonna Do Sex In it

If you are of the opinion that "airbnb" is actually the best way to figure out the minimum amount of money you would accept to let two strangers fuck in your bed, you should probably consider the possibility that it might be more than two strangers, and it might be in more than just your bed. "The worst part of the Internet right there was in my apartment," says the unlucky amateur hotelier in question.


Here's Why Your Dad Will Be Asking You About 2 Chainz This Weekend

"Philadelphia Eagles football player Brent Celek has 2 Chainz on his music playlist. A What's Your Workout? column in Tuesday's Personal Journal incorrectly said Two Chairs is on the list."


The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism AND Unpleasantness

"Over time, Amis, who died in 1995, descended into alcoholism and unpleasantness." —It is unfortunate that Kingsley Amis takes up so much space in Elizabeth Jane Howard's obituary, and I am just as terrible for making this the part I pull out from it, so do read the Cazelet Chronicles (if you can hold off for a bit they will probably omnibus them all into one large paperback or whatever your electronic book format of choice is), but wow is that a devastating sentence. And probably a worrying prediction of the future for some of us.


I Failed To Monetize My Life As A Dating Blogger

It had been six months since I quit, but I still managed to bring up the blog within 15 minutes of meeting Lauren.

We were at my go-to first date spot, a subterranean bar with shuffleboard and ping-pong in case the conversation flagged. When she asked what I did for a living, I dispatched with my day job in a few sentences before admitting, with false embarrassment, that I was also an aspiring writer.

The required follow-up question—"What kind of stuff do you write?"—was barely out of her mouth before I slipped into my spiel: "It’s a little embarrassing, but I used to be a dating blogger for Glamour [...]


Today's Reminder That You Should Only Do Your Shit-Talking Face-To-Face

"Some of Google's Gchat and Hangout users are having their communications rerouted to unintended recipients. The glitch is causing unrest among those who rely on the two Google services (reasonably so), and could potentially be a serious breach of data." Google claims the issue has been resolved, but that probably comes too late for you to mend those friendships that have been irrevocably destroyed, right?


Chronicle Of A Death Postponed

"Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has apologized for postponing an execution scheduled for Tuesday to accommodate a campaign fundraiser."


Birds Keep Getting In The Way Of Bullets

"Wildlife control contractors have shot almost 26,000 birds at John F. Kennedy International Airport over the past five years to stop them interfering with passenger flights — including more than 1,600 protected birds the airport did not have express permission to kill, internal records show."


When You Buy A Bunch Of Spider-Infested Bananas

"A family was forced to flee their home and have it fumigated after hundreds of potentially deadly spiders were found in a bunch of bananas bought at the local shop."


Chris Morris, So Much To Answer For

"A group of Sunni militants attending a suicide bombing training class at a camp north of Baghdad were killed on Monday when their commander unwittingly conducted a demonstration with a belt that was packed with explosives, army and police officials said."


Screwed Up

"An earlier version of this article misstated the name of a movie Mr. Goldstein starred in. It is 'Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy Are Screwed,' not 'Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy Get Screwed.'"


Maybe This Will Help Put Your Day In Perspective

"A man was forced to call the emergency services after a toilet roll holder got stuck up his bottom at his house in Newport, South Wales."


Newsman Displays Vintage iPad

"'This morning as Simon McCoy was preparing to introduce this story, instead of picking up his tablet to hold as he went to air, he mistakenly picked up a ream of paper that was sitting next to it,' said a spokeswoman for BBC News. 'In the rush of live news, he didn’t have an opportunity to swap the items, so simply went with it.' Mr McCoy has previously been seen on screen briefly resting his head on his desk when the [...]


Band Plays Song Like They Wrote It

This weekend the AP erroneously claimed that Nine Inch Nails covered "Hurt," a song by Johnny Cash. Fortunately, it provided a terrific opportunity for everyone on the Internet—music bloggers in particular—to show how compassionate and restrained they could be in noting the mistake. To be fair, the weather yesterday was kind of lousy and summer was dying an abrupt death, so no one was in a good mood.


Portland Teen Makes Water Artisanal

"Portland, Oregon is flushing 38 million gallons (143 million liters) of drinking water down the drain because a 19-year-old man urinated in an open reservoir early on Wednesday morning, city water officials said." —There's a much-repeated maxim in the blogging business that, "[W]hen you get to the point where all the 'people in Portland urinating into reservoirs' stories start to blend together, it is time to retire," so while it has been a pleasure spending this time with you I must take my leave, because I have an appointment [...]


Lightning Strikes

"An obituary on Tuesday about Harold Ramis, the director, writer and actor, described incorrectly a scene from the movie 'Caddyshack,' which he directed. In it, a clergyman is struck by lightning when he curses after missing a putt during the best golf game of his life, not when he thanks God."


More Banking Bonus Discussions Should Be Scored To Songs About Women With Large Asses

"Tory MP Shailesh Vara and Labour's Caroline Flint's heated debate about banking bonuses was momentarily halted as the song Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen started blarring out from Nick Robinson's iPad on BBC's Daily Politics show. The two MPs were on the show with host Andrew Neil and the BBC political editor reviewing Prime Minister's Questions, when out of the blue, their discussion of banker's bonuses was interrupted by the Nick Robinson's tablet ringtone playing the soft rock hit."


Diversion Tactics

1. Back in May, at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, a man stopped me on a busy street in the Financial District of New York City. We were under blue scaffolding, partially shaded from the bright, sunny day. He motioned for me to take my headphones out of my ears—a Strokes song was playing—and after I did, he said in a low tone, "Give me your phone and your wallet."

2. I smiled. I tried to move out of his way. He got into my way again.

3. I asked, "Are you joking?"

4. He poked me in my side. I looked down and saw the barrel [...]


Traditionalists Upset

"Just like Paris Hilton ruined Amnesia in Ibiza, another vomit-inducing narcissist of the fake celebrity world has decided to ruin everything sacred in the scene we know and love." —Guess who. GUESS! [Via]


I Can't Imagine How This Mistake Happened

"Ray Charles was once a guest at New York's Carlyle hotel and was prepared an off-menu steak by the staff at 3 a.m. An article on the hotel in the September issue of WSJ. Magazine incorrectly said it was Stevie Wonder."