The Way We Hold a Black Mass Now

The New Satanism: Ke$ha's Amazing Occult Ritual Sex-Magick Video

This is the new mainstream occultism. Ke$ha! "TiK ToK" was catchier, sleazier, more honest and more fun than Lady Gaga, but the pop tastemakers mostly dismissed Ke$ha as basically the garbage monster behind Winkies. Now Ke$ha has another sleazy dance-pop song, memorable and forgettable and almost vulgar. The video was released last week, and has just begun to swirl around the paranoid-paranormal websites, and people are outraged by the occult sex magick dance orgy held within a Catholic Church at night. This is a Black Mass, with Ke$sha as High Priestess, and it looks much better and is so much more entertaining than the dreary old Black [...]