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The Only Lesson From the Petraeus Scandal Is About Email Habits

The head of the CIA and former commander of the war in Afghanistan has fallen in a tawdry scandal involving marital infidelity, leaked national security secrets, weird FBI agents and a whole network of high-level grifters in Florida. What can we learn from this huge, bizarre conspiracy at the very top of the national security state? Watch out for that crafty "send" button on the email program! Especially if you're 60 years old, like David Petraeus. According to the important morning program The Today Show, older people must constantly watch out for the young people's Hotmail.

There’s a valuable lesson everyone can learn from the scandal involving CIA Director [...]


Five Questions & Answers from the Ashley Madison 'Affair Guarantee' FAQs

Q. Why am I required to post a primary photo in my public or private showcase? A. We have found that members with photos have a better experience on In fact, users with photos are 10 times more likely to be contacted! It is for this reason that the program rules specify that you must have at least one primary photo.