The Truth

John Boehner Doesn't Care About Your "Facts" and "Evidence"

You're going to find this hard to believe, but there it is: "House Speaker John Boehner, giving Wall Street leaders his prescriptions for growing the U.S. economy and reducing the nation’s debt, built his case on several assertions that are contradicted by market indicators and government reports."


Married People: Just Shun Them

Bundle proves what we all know: married people are cheap and boring and should not be taken seriously or gone out with on a Friday night.


How Gays Split a Check at a Restaurant

Yesterday was just another day in which I felt so sad for straight people! What a terrible story to hear about how it is to dine out with the straights. The young, unmated heterosexual people are so often locked in a struggle of resentment and desire and jealousy and insecurity and misunderstanding. Then you put money and status-seeking and sexual conquest (all of that mostly on the mens' side!) on top of those inflamed and engorged feelings, and blammo, the whole powderkeg goes up in flames and next thing you know, someone's being called a douche and someone's being called a whore. And that is why straight people [...]


"Larry Sanders" Made TV What It Is Today, You Damn Kids

It is true that there is no way that you could give "The Larry Sanders Show" enough credit in the history of TV comedy.


Old-School Letter Writers? Way Worse Than Blog Commenters

They say blog commenters are the worst people ever. But "they" have never worked at a magazine or newspaper. Here's New York magazine columnist Will Leitch's snailmail correspondence today.


Halloween: It's Doomsday for New Couples

Celebrating Halloween is like going to the opera: some people hate it, some love it, some people hate it but pretend to love it, and everybody’s dressed like an Italian swashbuckler. Halloween and the opera are also alike in that they’re both journeys that couples seldom embark upon separately. (Who spends girl's night out savoring the libretto in Don Giovanni?) The couples who enjoy Halloween tend to do so because it’s a chance to show off bilateral creativity while hanging with friends and maybe getting wrecked. At this very moment, legions of couples are anticipating this coming weekend with greater fervor than the Snickers-craving rugrats for whom the holiday [...]