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Lessons in Knowing and Not Knowing, With Novak Djokovic

Q: I know that you don’t want to speak about your new diet regime….

A: Exactly

Q: But why, why don’t you want to speak?

A: There are some things I can speak about; there some things I can’t.

Q: No other reasons?

A: I can tell you who is my girlfriend, but I cannot tell you what I do with my girlfriend.

Novak Djokovic, gluten-free sphinx of mystery, now on game 41 of his winning streak (due to a retirement). Up next against him at the French Open: saucy Argentine Juan Martin del Potro. (via)


Tennis Vids of the Day: Novak's 40 Match Points; Nadal Sweats!

For those who are into doing some deep analysis, here's a nutty compilation video of Novak Djokovic's last 40 match points. Related: Here's video of Rafael Nadal nearly biting it in an endless match against… unseeded and relentlessly tall babyface John Isner this morning at the French Open. BIG, BIG DRAMA.