The Social Contract

It's Finally Safe To Join Twitter

"Muting a user on Twitter means their Tweets and Retweets will no longer be visible in your home timeline, and you will no longer receive push or SMS notifications from that user. The muted user will still be able to fave, reply to, and retweet your Tweets; you just won’t see any of that activity in your timeline."—Unfollowing, blocking, now muting: Twitter accommodates the full spectrum of human avoidance.


The 99ers May Be the New Tea Party

In the coming days of the shiny new 112th Congress you may see the term "99er" thrown around a lot. Not everyone knows what a 99er is. So, just so we're all up to speed, a 99er is a term for the Americans who have reached the 99th week of unemployment benefits and extensions and face complete financial abandonment. There are probably at least 6 million 99ers and, with job creation flat, more on the way.

Unemployment benefits work a little like the 5-tier opposite of the armed forces defense readiness condition (DEFCON). Whereas DEFCON 5 is the lowest state of alarm, a Tier 5 extension of unemployment [...]