The Resistance Of Memory

Remember This Guy?

It seems hard to believe that it was only just a little over a year ago when Mitt Romney was still something we had to worry about but then again the way things work these days it is hard to believe that anything was ever whatever fixed distance it now stands in reference to the present when you think about it for more than a moment. I mean, it was just last week that some hippie named Kif in my dorm was telling me about this band he liked from Washington who had a new album out and when I was all, "Eh, I don't really like hippie music," [...]


Memories Short

"It helps that the buying public has no long-term memory." —This sentence is about real estate in Brooklyn, but, really, it could be about anything.


What Memory Does

"Memory is an essential component of everything we do, but we are not consciously aware of its scope and importance. We take memory for granted. As we walk, talk, and eat, we are not aware that our behavior stems from information and skills that we previously learned and remembered. We rely constantly on our memory to get us through each moment and each day. We need memory to survive—without it, we would not know how to clothe ourselves, navigate our neighborhoods, or communicate with others. Memory enables us to revisit our experiences, to learn from the past, and even to plan what to do in the future. It provides [...]


We're Starting To Forget Why We Hated The Man Who Broke America

"No matter how much people dislike someone when he/she is in office, the longer that person is out of office the more difficult it is to sustain that dislike. We have very short collective political memories…. That collective forgetting goes double for [George W.] Bush, who, more than any recent president, has stayed out of the public eye since leaving office. He is rarely quoted on any subject and largely eschews any attempts – beyond his memoir — to analyze what went right and wrong with his presidency…. Given the current direction of Bush’s numbers, it’s uniquely possible — heck, it’s likely — that by the 10th anniversary of him [...]