The Other Coast

A Postcard from San Francisco

I joined the line at Blue Bottle in Mint Plaza in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood at 8:40 a.m., on the dot. Despite the early hour, the temperature was already in the eighties. The light and sky were big and empty in the way that the light and sky are only in the West. When I moved here, in the nineties, everyone used to debate whether or not “SOMA” was a real thing. Once largely empty warehouses and live-work lofts, it's now full of excellent restaurants and soaring apartments and there’s even a Whole Foods on 4th street, and so, we've all arrived at the conclusion that it does [...]


Ain't No Snobs Like San Francisco Snobs

When Zynga honcho Mark Pincus bought a house in San Francisco, everyone gushed. It sounds okay! According to the Wall Street Journal, "Spanning four levels, the seven-bedroom home has an elevator, six fireplaces and views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Dutch Colonial Revival house was never previously on the market; it had remained in the Newhall family since it was built in 1907." Not everyone was so impressed, according to the new Vanity Fair which I am now going to go out and buy. According to Trevor Traina, "San Francisco’s undisputed social king," “Their house needs a lot of work but also has superb potential, so I’m [...]


SF Residents Defend Themselves Against Organic Coffee In Parks

Residents of San Francisco have succeeded in keeping a small, locally-run, organic microroastery's coffee cart from opening in Dolores Park! Apparently the owner wasn't willing to face "a thousand people there spitting on them on their opening day" and "fucking riot cops," which is what blog commenters promised him.