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Bay Area Man Keeps Same Media Job For 63 Years

Who says there's no job security in media? Everyone says that, because it's true. But there are inspirational exceptions. Meet 94-year-old San Francisco Chronicle science reporter David Perlman, who cranked out 111 articles last year and continues to work full-time at the paper. He still loves his beat and his desk is in a sunny corner of the Chronicle newsroom, so there's no reason to quit working now.

After all, he said over a burger at a South of Market dive near Chronicle headquarters, "I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do all my life, be a reporter."

He "majored in the Spectator," the Columbia student paper, [...]


The 'Times' Makes More Than Half a Million Dollars a Day on Papers' Websites

Over the course of 2010, the digital advertising revenues for the New York Times News Media Group—that's largely the papers' websites, like the Globe and the Timeswere $212.2 million. That's $581,369 a day. Continuing the trending, print revenues were down and Internet revenues were up—all told, digital income was 16.2% of the Times Company's revenue throughout 2010. Total debt and "capital lease obligations" stand at about $996 million; operating profit for the year was $384.3 million.


Big Newspaper Just Dying on the Internet

"The number one video on last year got about 26,000 views and was a feature on how to handle frozen iguanas." —That comes from this tribute to the success of the Miami Herald in doing original web video. I don't even know what to say about this! You make a video about handling frozen iguanas—an Internet sweet spot if there ever was one!—and you can't get more than 26,000 views? Well, things are not great: coverage of the earthquake in Haiti "doubled’s total monthly traffic to 1 million hits last January…. The site’s videos generated 7.5 million hits altogether last year." Well. God bless them for [...]