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Silicon Valley Still Doesn't Get New York

David Ebersman, Facebook's CFO, and the man who planned its wealth-annihilating IPO, "recently came to New York to meet with big investors, including hedge funds and institutional investors. Some invitations for meetings were oddly, and somewhat imperiously, sent out on Thursday night for meetings on Friday. Given that it was summer, some investors sent their junior analysts." Oh honey. Okay, Palo Alto nerds, Labor Day has passed. We are now largely returned to our offices, although really you shouldn't try to schedule a Friday meeting until October, because the ocean is still warm and no one's really closed down the summer house yet. Good grief, we live in [...]


Katie Price: Winning the Self-Publishing Game

I do not have the rights to reproduce this stunning, amazing photo of one Katie Price (formerly known as "Jordan," she is a model, novelist, UK reality star and, uh, "footballer enthusiast") wearing a swimsuit emblazoned with the cover of her own magazine about herself whilst holding that magazine in one hand whilst standing before a backdrop splattered in covers of that same magazine. My point is: ANDY WARHOL WOULD DIE. If he hadn't, you know, unfairly beaten us all to the grave. The reviews of the magazine are in from The Sun: "It's glossy and full of shite." (It also contains recipes however: "Cauliflower cheese: I buy [...]


Adventures in Paywalls: The 'Longshot' Magazine Nagwall

Over the weekend, a group of loony volunteers and writers put out the third issue of Longshot magazine, which is a very attractive product in print particularly and you may buy that right here. (The huge vault of radio programming is also incredible if you like listening to things!) The shtick is that it's all written and built and published in 48 hours.

But that's not the most interesting thing about it, if you care about the digital age. So here we are in this wacky new time, after the New York Times debuted their intentionally porous metered paywall, after the Financial Times' strict subscriber-only paywall, [...]


First Follows: Weird Choices in First Twitter Follows!

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Verizon and AT&T should be paying us for helping them with their lab experiment.Sun Apr 17 03:32:27 via webChanRobtChanRobt

Everyone remembers their first. The slow burning excitement. Wondering with anticipation if your advances will be followed. The anxiety about whether you’ve chosen the right person. We refer to the first person you decide to follow on Twitter.

The first follow is a tiny window into a personality. Comedian Tracy Morgan’s first follow, for instance, was his personal assistant Kenny Pierce—a fitting choice for a man who needs supervision.

Gwyneth [...]


Necessary Tumblrs: Dumb Tweets at Brands

Your new favorite Tumblr: Dumb Tweets At Brands. (via, via, via, one of whom is surely responsible.)


I'm Permalance No More! "Thank You Very Much for Your Contributions to AOL"

I left the corporate world in 2008 to write about music and entertainment because I wanted to work from bed, only leaving to maybe smoke joints with Kid Cudi while asking him pretentious questions about string arrangements. I don’t ask for much! During this time, my main gig has been permalancing for AOL Music. There, I aggregated content about hip-hop and indie rock, with a stray shot at actual journalism—attempts which were usually trumped by stories about Rihanna deboarding a plane or Jay-Z making funny faces at Madison Square Garden.

And then, in early February, AOL purchased the Huffington Post and handed over its editorial keys to Arianna Huffington. [...]


'The Daily' Really Is the "New York Post Goes to College"

As you know if you have been near the Internet, everyone is discussing The Daily, the Rupert Murdoch iPad publication that launched yesterday. You can meet the man who runs it, much-beloved of the Murdochs! The reviews are… all over the place. There is love! There is hate! I have not yet truly indulged but I have been reading some of their web-published stories, such as this very unusual feature: "AMISH SMUGGLERS' SHADY MILK RUN"! It's very bizarre stylistically. It has the short paragraphs and quirks of the Post—it opens with an "intriguing" and cloudy scene: a mysterious man delivers "contraband" to Manhattan! Oh gosh! But [...]


Tumblr Invents Yet Another Business Model

For a dollar, Tumblr will let you "highlight" your own Tumblr posts, which then… puts a sticker on the post that lets people know it's extra-important. Among the more negative (and not profane) comments are "This is actually ridiculous. Why would I even do that??" and "Well done staff, this is stupid and unnecessary." They will probably make a ton of one-dollars at this actually!


Some Newspapers Are Setting Up Their Employees To Get Sued

At The Guardian, journalists who identify themselves as Guardian employees in their Twitter bios are advised to include a disclaimer such as, “These are my personal views and not those of my employer.”

Yeah, that's because the legal department would rather not carry all employees at all times on their libel insurance. So if you work in the media, at some places you're encouraged (sometimes even commanded) to use things like Twitter—but also apparently sometimes you're encouraged to actually make a disclaimer that your social media output isn't "work product." Shady! So then when you get sued, well, off you go, enjoy hiring your own defense. It's [...]


Web Video Is Not (Yet) TV

"Mariah Carey and Barack Obama each had something to sell this week, and they made live videos to do it. Both videos bombed."


How Republicans and Tea Partiers Alike Used the Heritage Foundation's #AskObama Script

Yesterday, President Obama held a live chat session on Twitter. Billed as a "townhall," the President spent an hour fielding questions from Twitter users about the state of the nation. It was a magnificent stunt in which the greatest beneficiaries were Twitter itself and amateur comedians.

That doesn't mean nobody took it seriously. A day before the event, The Heritage Foundation, a tax exempt, 501c(3) nonpartisan "educational institution" whose goal is "to formulate and promote conservative public policies," published five Twitter questions to "put President Obama on the spot."

These five questions, gift-wrapped by Ericka Anderson, Heritage Foundation's senior digital communications associate and former communications director [...]


Disturbed Lady Begs for Divorce on Jane Pratt's Website

Wow, so the long-awaited Jane Pratt website has arrived and… well, here is a truly horrifying first-person essay by a woman who obsessively monitors her husband's masturbation and should probably be divorced post-haste. It's incredible. She also recounts her attempts to talk to him about his "personal time" (ugh) and how he isn't interested in chatting and she seems to find this shocking. (Guess what? He doesn't want to talk about it!) Also she demands that he be fantasizing about her while this happens, which, I didn't realize the only kind of appropriate monogamy extended to brain waves. I guess the good news is that their marriage [...]


Social Media Managers Don't Buy Lunch, They Take It

This graph about the work life of a "social media manager" is horse pucky. "Social media managers" don't go out to lunch—they con an acquaintance at another business into bringing over their own lunch, then they tell all their friends and enemies about how they got the lunch for free, then they live-cast themselves throwing it up later, because puking's just another word for "free viral video." But other than that, it's totally on the money. And also THE WORST. UGH. (via)


Julian Assange on '60 Minutes'

Julian Assange appeared last night on 60 Minutes to defend himself and his organization, WikiLeaks. He was interviewed by Steve Kroft, who made some amazingly dopey remarks for a press honcho.

Kroft: Do you want me to give you my characterization of what I think people think?

[No! we yelled at the television.]

Assange: Sure.

Kroft: Mysterious. Little weird. A cult-like figure. Little paranoid.

Kroft's heavy-handed, old-white-guy shtick created something of an unsympathetic or "hard-hitting" impression, but it's clear from the resulting program that the show's producers were very sympathetic to Assange and his cause.


"Syndication" and the Shoddy Currency of Linkage

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My article about Business Insider has already had more than 3 times as many pageviews as Business Insider sent me since 2009.Fri Sep 23 16:09:36 via Twitter for MacMarco Armentmarcoarment

We wrote here a year-and-a-half ago about the new use of the term "syndication." While that used to mean "getting paid by publications to reprint writing," it has now come to mean "not getting paid by publications to reprint writing." We wrote that some "sites, which make a good deal of money, now are trying to have two [...]


Let's Say the 'New Yorker' iPad Publication Makes $58K a Week

The data we're allowed to have from places like Conde Nast makes it a little difficult to parse, but this helps: "between its eight magazines with tablet editions, the company has 242,000 digital customers." Good night, nurse! Your revolution is… maybe next year? (That being said, I'd love to see income numbers from that. It's gotta be somewhere from $1.2 million to $2.6 million, I figure? The problem is counting people who get iPad access "bundled" with magazine subscriptions; where people get counted is important!) And language is tricky!

But here's what we can figure out. The New Yorker "served" 89,684 iPad copies for an issue in [...]


Nice Child Thrown Under Bus at Huffington Post

Two days ago it became known that, a month ago, a youngster at the Huffington Post did a terrible job "summarizing" an Ad Age thing, and the Ad Age writer (Awl pal Simon Dumenco) reasonably beefed about the amount of taking versus linking, and the Huffington Post… suspended their writer indefinitely. This is along the lines of arresting hookers instead of johns, or drug users instead of drug importers, or something. The writer, who seems to be Yale class of (something fairly recent), Amy Lee, was doing pretty much what she'd been trained to do, either overtly or covertly, and she took the fall for the [...]


James O'Keefe: "I'm Just Getting Started, OK?"

When Andrew Breitbart commandeered Anthony Weiner’s admission-of-digital-lecherousness press conference earlier this month, just seven minutes elapsed before he began to recount the tale of how America was first introduced to his strange media empire. In 2009, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles approached Breitbart with footage of low-level ACORN employees apparently offering to abet the proprietors of an illegal immigrant child prostitution ring. “To those who say your journalism here is suspect,” a reporter asked, “what do you tell those folks?” Breitbart snickered.

“'You're going to be held to a different standard,'" Breitbart said he told O’Keefe and Giles at the time. “But I said, what we're going [...]


National Paper Tardily Adopts Pageview Bonus System

USA Todayis adopting a pageview-bonus system for writers! (Tardy! This probably means they'll be putting up a metered paywall system in five years.) Hysteria about pageview bonus pay was at its height a few years ago, when everyone realized it would encourage a rush to the bottom, as writers chased pageviews for crappy little scads of cash thrown at them by their corporate owners, and, actually, that is pretty much where a sizable chunk of the online media world now finds itself, culturally speaking: at the bottom, lips to the drain. (No one listens to Cassandra, etc.)


Moviefone Defends Its Honor

Here is a rather incredible follow-up story, from AOL's Moviefone, about their request of Techcrunch to make a story more friendly. It's bizarre! (The request from Moviefone went like this: "Let me know if you’re able to take another look at it and make any edits.")

And Moviefone says: "The person who wrote that email was not acting in an editorial capacity. That person's job is to act as an intermediary between the studios and editorial… the presence of a person with that role is just one means we have of ensuring editorial integrity on Moviefone." Wha? So people who don't act in an "editorial capacity" [...]