The Life of the Mind

Your Stress Thoughts

Here is a list of "ten thoughts that may be stressing you out," but it doesn't include "They're on to me," "It can only get worse from here and it almost certainly will," "Are the Mormons going to posthumously baptize me?" or "I am all out of people to blame," which are usually the ones that get me going.


Bill Keller, "Stop Whining," That's Not How Brains Work

"Here are two facts: (1) we now know from the new science of attention and the most recent findings in neuroscience that our brain is not, as was previously thought, an inheritance that come with all of its components fixed and certain; the brain is a learning organism and that means it is constantly changed by its environment, by what it experiences, by its interactions. But (2) except in B-horror movies ('The Brain that Wouldn't Die' or 'The Brain from Planet Arous' and so forth), the brain doesn't power itself and it doesn't power us. The brain R us. That is, what we experience our brain experiences." —HASTAC co-founder, [...]