The Gays

"The Good Gay"

Bret Easton Ellis' quite excellent essay on gay uptightness puts him pretty firmly back in my good graces forever.


The Week in Anti-Gay Assaults

I have been avoiding discussing the bizarre story out of Lincoln, Nebraska, where a woman said her home was broken into by three masked men and slurs were carved on her. That is because stories where people carve things into people generally turn out to be… well, Ashley Todd, never forget! Right now, local police are saying strange things like "it was too early to tell whether the attack was a hoax." So, I do not know anything and I have no opinion.

But I am pretty convinced that this anti-gay car-bombing did occur in Oklahoma this week, and that's pretty weird too, so, [...]


The Gays Among Christians

Anonymous students at Arkansas' Harding University have published this zine about being gay at the conservative Christian school. Their website has been blocked on campus. This is a fascinating development: in previous generations, gay students at such a school would simply have left, or, you know, killed themselves.


Big Gay Lie Doxxed

"Most public health people think that the ends justify the means" is how Florida International University's Bill Darrow explains why it was okay for Randy Shilts' publisher to completely over-bake the idea of Gaëtan Dugas being the "Patient Zero" of HIV. Everyone at the time knew this wasn't possibly a true idea, that one handsome flight attendant was responsible for hopping around the globe, spreading HIV. Yet the idea stuck. And apparently everyone is okay with it, and besides, he was dead anyway by 1984, and couldn't sue for libel. But anyway, that's actually not really how public health people think? Public health policy people are level-headed and statistics-oriented. [...]


What Was Your Favorite Sentence in the Barney Frank 'Vows'?

I think mine was this one: "The bridegrooms planned to wear tuxedos by Joseph Abboud, which Mr. Frank noted was a union shop."


The Weirdest Marriage Equality Signs On the Internet

What the hell was that about, yesterday? Suddenly everybody (except your racist uncle in the Midwest) had changed their profile pictures and avatars to some little parallel lines symbol. It was as if millions of people tried to make a pink ribbon icon and failed, utterly, because they could not do the curve thing. But it was actually about the Supreme Court deciding who we can marry and then later divorce—the justices are not looking at the usual arguments against marriage such as "bad idea," "everybody else was doing it," "I want a baby" and "I was drunk that year." Instead, they are focusing only on the gender of the [...]


Pervy Leather Party Gives More to Charity Than SF Gay Pride

Everywhere you turn, a gay crisis! First it was the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, and now, it's San Francisco Gay Pride? "Its board and staff didn't realize they'd veered sharply into the red until the organization outspent its revenue by nearly 25 percent…. In the months since, Pride has also experienced a leadership exodus befitting a Central American junta. Its dysfunctional board has burned through four presidents in eight months." But all is not gloom in the world of gay nonprofit events! "Folsom Street Events"—which runs the Folsom Street Fair, which is a fun, friendly and definitely kink-friendly event—"is run tighter than a size-L pair [...]