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Faces: The Things We Had Before Emoji

"Emoji can 'give us signals and visual cues that faces and live expressions once did,' she adds."


Being A Cyborg Doesn't Make You Any Less Boring

I’ve been called the most connected human on earth,” says a guy who seems inexplicably proud of that.


Who Will Tell The Children What Literacy Was?

Now social media-focused HLN announces working titles for 2014 shows: "I Can Haz NewsToon," "Keywords," "One.Click.Away" and "Videocracy."

— Michael Calderone (@mlcalderone) February 19, 2014

You ever see something and think, "No way that's real," with an immediate follow-up thought of, "But it totally could be real" and a simultaneous realization that it probably is real, and the weary acknowledgment that even if it's not it doesn't matter anyway because the essential truth of the thing is undeniable? Or does that just happen to me?


No More Alone

"The practice of taking an intentional break from technology and civilization is probably as old as technology and civilization. But it seems increasingly urgent now, in an era when the Internet—and thus most of the planet—is as close as an iPhone…. We’re living in a remarkable time, when it will soon be impossible to be truly alone."


Hope You Like 'GTA,' Because That's Pretty Much What Your Future Looks Like

"[Tyler Cowen's new book] describes a future largely stripped of middling jobs and broad prosperity…. Young men will struggle in a labour market that rewards conscientiousness over muscle. With incomes squeezed, many Americans will head to the sort of cheap, sun-baked sprawling exurbs that give the farmers’-market-and-bike-lanes set heartburn. Many will accept rotten public services in exchange for low taxes. This may sound a bit grim, but it reflects real-world trends: 60% of employers already check the credit ratings of job candidates; young male unemployment is high and migrants have been flooding to low-tax, low-service Texas for years. The left is sure that inequality is a recipe for riots. [...]


Flying Car Looks Like Something You'd Be Ashamed To Have Your Dad Pick You Up At The Mall In

I guess I'll wait for the jetpacks, although if this is any indication they will probably look like old-people luggage.


Are You Already A Cyborg, Because Of Your Phone?

The human species is rapidly changing! Mostly not for the better, obviously, but some "futurists" believe their particular demographic (overeducated overpaid youngish professionals starting to worry about mortality) has already begun the process of becoming superhuman mutant cyborgs. Are you kind of depressed that you didn't get around to doing grown-up adult-type things until you were already (technically) middle-aged? Maybe it's okay, because you are the first generation of this new technological human-synthetic revolution! Or maybe you will physically and mentally deteriorate the way humans have always declined, unless they were lucky enough to be killed in a war or wiped out by a plague or eaten by saber-toothed tigers.


What Will The Robots Do To Our Kids?

We are creating a new generation of selfish monsters. Also, they will be mean to robots.


Every Time You Think Things Can't Get Any Stupider Someone Adds An App Component

"For wine-lovers, the Miracle Machine is aptly named. The device helps you create your own wine at home in only a couple of days. All you need is the gadget and a smartphone."


Prediction: Pictures Possibly Pretty Cool

"I don't know what story that tells, but it might make for some pretty cool pictures," is probably the way almost all innovation will occur from now on.


Interface Bad

I can't quite put my finger on it but for some reason this essay, "How 'Minority Report' Trapped Us In A World Of Bad Interfaces," seems timelier than ever. Maybe it's something in the air.


Hologram Pretty

"Nowadays we're constantly having to look at innovative ways to cut costs and they don't come more cutting edge than Shanice. I hope people come down and visit her the next time they're in the Civic Centre, she looks great and she's always very friendly."


"This GIF Tumblr blog is bringing back the art of rotoscoping"

"This GIF Tumblr blog is bringing back the art of rotoscoping"


Jonathan Franzen Will Save Us From The Computers

"As algorithms turn more of the subjective domain of human creativity into objective tasks, some observers worry about cultural homogeneity. Are we doomed to a future of uniform harmonies and standardized sentences? Hopefully not, but the advent of creative machines certainly will make it harder for humans to stand out. It may be that only distinct and exceptional talents—Nirvana, the Coen Brothers, Jonathan Franzen—will be able to defend our claims to creative superiority." —Uh, okay.


Hologram Would Rather Do A Few Small Local Sets And Focus On Its Next Record

Sometimes you need a reminder to step back and silently marvel at just how amazing it is, this age in which we live.


Passionate Wait Almost Over

"There are people who are very passionately waiting for it. I truly believe that 10 years from now it's going to be hard to think you didn't have something like it."


Expect To Hear From Your Grandma About How They Messed Up Her Email Soon

"AOL’s email service has become associated with people somewhat out of touch with present-day tech companies. Why would someone have an account when we have GMail and iCloud? [AOL CEO Tim] Armstrong was also asked what he planned to do about that brand perception at the UBS conference yesterday. 'I would [pause] that issue is a brand issue and it is a product issue,' Armstrong responded. 'Rehabbing the AOL brand and the AOL products is a very, very important project at the company, and it has my full attention,' [...]


This Will Be The Way We Brush Our Teeth, Brush Our Teeth, Brush Our Teeth, This Will Be The Way We Brush Our Teeth Early In The Morning In The Future

"One of the most promising applications of 3D printing is the customization of everyday objects to the most personal and variable thing we possess—our bodies. A new example of this is the Blizzident toothbrush, which is made possible by two intersecting technologies—3D scanning and 3D printing. The result is a toothbrush shaped exactly like your teeth. You simply bite it, chomp for six seconds, and voila: every single one of your teeth is perfectly brushed in both an up and down and side to side motion." —Unfortunately this requires a visit to the dentist, which is a deal-breaker for some of us, but [...]


Fruit Bowl Makes Sure You Exceed Recommended Daily Allowance Of Pressure And Aggravation

You know, I already have enough people in my life hassling me to get my shit together, I don't need a fruit bowl on my ass to boot.


Digital Dictionary Finds You Hackneyed, Superficial, Incapable Of Maintaining Interest

"With the spread of digital technologies, dictionaries have become a two-way mirror, a record not just of words' meanings but of what we want to know. Digital dictionaries read us."