The 90-Second Morning Blast

Are You Ever Going To Fly Again, Now That The World Is Ending In Flames?

SURE YOU ARE. Our weather pal Eric Holthaus banned flying from his life in light of the new IPCC global warming report, which essentially says we're all screwed. Is there a point to personal change in a world where corporations literally don't care? Hmm, maybe, but it's real hard to care.


Mrs. Dalloway Said She'd Make The Sandwiches Herself: A Guided Meditation

Welcome to a soothing and beautiful day free of outrage. Let's hold hands.


Is My Phone Real?

My phone is like David At The Dentist. My phone isn't sure if it exists or if it's a sketch of what it's supposed to be. My phone might think it's a drawing of an Ikea. My phone is going through some things privately right now.

Using the new iPhone software is like watching a commercial of someone else using an iPhone

— mark s. (@mark_s_z) September 19, 2013


The Highly Suspicious Tale Of Morrissey's Autobiography

Allegedly to be released Monday in the UK, allegedly from Penguin, allegedly from Penguin Classics, Morrissey's book has been disappeared, reportedly at his request, reportedly over a "content dispute." Yet there's no sign of it on Penguin's websites. There's no sign of it on Amazon's UK site. There were no galleys. Even though this is 72 hours before publication, no books had been shipped. This couldn't be fishier, and none of it makes a whit of sense. If there as a multi-million-pound book deal, as had been hinted at, surely we would know something about that—and surely they would have the rights to distribute the book they'd bought? ALL [...]


A Few (TENNIS) Things To (TENNIS) Today

There are some fun things to do today—Kiese Laymon at the New School, Reza Aslan at PowerHouse, Meg Wolitzer at McNally—but really it's TENNIS NIGHT. And, in other news, we've lost an independent New York City publication today but gained a growing local employer, as our neighborly website Capital NY goes to the owner of Politico. It's like the Daily News goes to grad school? The next two years are gonna be fun.


Roger Federer Will Be Avenged Tonight!

OR WILL HE. Tennis, politics and weather! Plus a few things to do.


From Whom Do You Want To Learn About Syria?

Yesterday I asked the Internet to tell me what to read about Syria. Useful ideas included The Monkey Cage, McClatchy, Moon of Alabama and, perhaps most relevantly, Jadaliyya. Also some New York Times stories, which, guess what! People have had really bad luck in the past relying on the Times to advise them regarding our adventures in global intervention! So I am going to pass! But the majority of recommendations were… to read The Onion??? That seems odd. And yet, here we are. Other advice welcome.

Anyway there are a couple things to do today but we know you're just leaving town/going to the [...]


Goodbye, Government!

So long! It was fun to be governed. Kind of. Well not really.


Have You Checked Yer Obamacare? Here's How!

If you live in New York, you can go to the state's totally crappy website and download this ridiculous spreadsheet and allegedly pre-price some health insurance. SOCIALISM. HERE COMES HEALTH INSURANCE.


Fire All The Op-Ed Columnists

No, don't really do that. Probably. But: can any human being produce two or more Times op-eds a week for years, without being exposed as a lunatic? No. (Except maybe Gail Collins?) Thomas Friedman certainly cannot.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Thomas Friedman

— felix salmon (@felixsalmon) September 18, 2013


No, You Go Fuck Yourself, Anthony Weiner

SEE YOU NEVER, ANTHONY WEINER, YOU'RE A TERRIBLE PUTZ. What a great day for New York City though!


Why We'll Be Seeing "Riddick" Instead Of "Salinger"

Yes, and finally they unleash the "Salinger" documentary on the world this weekend. Guess what! The reviews are horrible. How horrible? DANG, TONY SCOTT. Do not abuse yourself with this rude movie. Instead, can we offer you something in a cheesy space action flick? Can't we? Also there are far more high-falutin' things to do in New York City.


Meg Wolitzer! Ben Dolnick! Junot Díaz! Kathleen Hanna!

School's back in session, monsters! But, oh, literary Tuesdays. Oy. It's a whole new season and still all book events must occur on a Tuesday. Fine!


A Brief Guide To Tonight's Republican Mayoral Debate

WHICH OLD WHITE MAN WILL YOU PREFER? (Spoiler: it doesn't really matter, just relax and enjoy the fun!)


Did You Watch The Very Sad Christine Quinn Documentary Yet?

I don't know why it's so sad, I don't even really like her! Here you go.


Hard Candy Shell Claims Another Victim: The Slate Redesign

Kind of kidding; the new Slate is largely very nice! Look for yourself! It's also great that they waited for Farhad Manjoo to decamp to the Wall Street Journal (also a former Hard Candy Shell redesign client) to unveil it. Here's one thing about it that's driving me a little crazy, giving me extreme eye-burn, reproduced real-size.

Kinda nutty right? (The text works fine if you break it up with a picture every paragraph though? It could be worse!) Anyway, lots of interesting fodder for the discussion about "what does the Internet do and/or want."


Bill Thompson Apparently Will Concede This Morning, So Please Welcome Mayor Bill de Blasio

Today Andrew Cuomo (remember him) is going to trot out Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson, according to Capital New York, and, according to a pretty crazy tweet by The Amsterdam News, at that event Bill Thompson is going to concede the race and endorse de Blasio. And then, essentially, we have a mayor of New York City. (Unless something completely crazy happens to encourage New Yorkers to suddenly become Republicans by election day? Don't even think it.) Well it's been fun. But not really that fun.

Sources to the AmNews have confrirmed that Bill Thompson will concede today at 11am to avoid a runoff and endorse [...]


Get Voting Or Die Trying

Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote. Vote.


Oh My God They Redesigned The 'New York Post'

In which I come to grips with the New York Post redesign in real time. (Also according to all sources, there's nothing really to do in New York City today, so why not call up an old pal and do something cozy!)


18 Things To Do This Weekend

Let's not look at this as the sad pitiful end to a summer that never really was, a cold hard Winterfell of the shorts-wearing soul, but as a celebration of the coming of fall, America's best season! It's not "back to school" on Tuesday, it's a fresh chance to work hard and achieve glorious things! Let's pretend we're well-rested and be all ready to get back in the game! So I'm going to spend the weekend sharpening my pencils and bringing out some light sweaters. How wonderful! I'm really trying to talk myself into this, can you tell???

Today's podcast is sponsored by Audible. From this link right [...]