That's So Gay

Lady Gaga Doubler: "Born This Way" b/w "Gay J's of Horror"

Just hit play on both at the same time. But hey, remember that time that there was a new Lady Gaga video and I almost couldn't even get a blog post out of it? It was a big pile of meh. Bet I'd feel different if I were 15. Anyway, there's an exclusive deal with Target where you can get it for free, if you don't mind doing business with people who fund Michele Bachmann. (I do!)


What's the Worst Thing a Man Believes He Can Call a Woman?

On my last night in Washington, D.C., where I’ve been working, a very weird thing happened: a drunk guy in a bar took an instant personal dislike to me, insulted my short haircut, told me I looked like the child from The Omen and said that I had “666” written on my head (I have to assume this is also an Omen reference). At the end of this string of craziness, he also called me a dyke.