How Three People Survive Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

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What is it like to look out your window and see no people? That probably sounds kind of great to your average New Yorker, but how does it feel for people who live in isolated places full time?

I have a little bit of an idea. I grew up in Boise, Idaho, and almost every weekend, my parents dragged me to our cattle ranch two hours outside of the city, in a tiny town called in Ola. Activities included: cleaning out sheds, clearing cow manure out of ditches, mowing the lawn, [...]


Five Democrats Who Should Run Against Obama

The truth is Coke needs Pepsi. Good old Pepsi: perennially coming in second, and now third, sometimes tasting better but always with worse packaging and that evil Sauron eye for a logo. The existence of Pepsi is what forces Coke to be better. To not get complacent. To continue to innovate, such as with the Coke Freestyle Machine with which, at Kelly's Roast Beef, I was able to make myself a Coke Zero with Lime and Root Beer monster drink. Even Coke's missteps—the early response to "The Pepsi Challenge" and the debacle of New Coke—ended up being huge wins for Coke in the long run. In fact, it wouldn't [...]


New York Buys an L.A. Thing, For Once

Most frequently, people in Hollywood read a magazine article and buy the rights! In a "fun" reversal, this time book editors in New York read a magazine article about people out in L.A. and bought a book from the subject. Even though the subject—Barry Michels, shrink of the unproductive scriptwriter set—is… well, let's call him "unusual"? Looking forward to a new, darker take on pop psychology.