"South by Southwest Used To Be About The Music, Man": Wall Street Journal

"If the annual South by Southwest Music Festival was once a highly prized opportunity for developing artists to win needed attention from music-industry personnel, it's now a hydra-headed corporate carnival that employs some 2,200 musical acts to attract marketers and advertisers. Music is still its saving grace, but a question lingered here last week: Is it worth it for emerging artists to perform at an event that seems less about their art and more about branding, networking and deal-making? The five-day event must find the balance between a celebration of music and an opportunity to pitch just about anything to people who identify with rock, pop and related fields. [...]


Fat Joe's Story About R. Kelly Beating People Up In An Underground Chicago Fight Club

"As part of a promotional campaign for his The Darkside Vol. 1 album, which was released last year, the PR/Cuban rapper shot a series of webisodes called 'Fat Joe’s Tales From the Darkside.' For Part 3, he tells about the time he was visiting R&B sensation R. Kelly in Chicago and how he didn’t believe Kellz when the crooner told him he was a real bona fide thug." —Awl pals Ego Trip being Ego Trip, they have once again unearthed an amazing bit of hip-hop to share with the world.


What's Going To Make Us Share Next?

“It’s less about the image itself than it is about the ability to see where you are in relation to the data.” [...]


The Internet Is Built On Garbage

"On the Internet, complaints about the click-bait garbage published by, well, basically everyone are usually made with the understanding that the click-bait garbage is necessary to juice numbers, even if the publication’s 'brand' is built on smarter stuff." —But now that Facebook has tweaked its algorithm to reward "quality content" [...]