Stylish LG G3 Sets New Standards

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The latest addition to join LG’s G series, the LG G3 phone, is sleek, stylish and innovative to its core. Offering an even more sophisticated look and feel from other popular devices in the family, the G3 also delivers a simplified user experience. The device features a gorgeous, 5.5-Inch Quad HD display for a fuller viewing experience, a metallic fingerprint-resistant brushed exterior, and Laser Auto Focus to cut down on the time it takes to focus. 

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Things That Happened at JT

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The line to get into the Justin Timberlake show at Hammerstein Ballroom on Thursday was around the block when I arrived at 7:30. Some folks had slept out overnight to be able to stand in the front row. One woman told Justin this during a period of banter with the crowd. “You slept out overnight? To see me?” he asked charmingly, incredulously. “That’s crazy.”

The crowd was overwhelmingly—I estimated at least seventy percent—women, who seemed mostly to be in their twenties and thirties, with a smattering of teens. There [...]


OREO Minis: Mel’s Mini Mini Mart

What’s in Mel’s Mini Mini Mart? One mini wonderfilled thing, OREO Minis. One day, a family discovered the shop, something that others had not. They filled up their van with boxes and boxes of the tiny treat and the news of Mel's started to spread worldwide, now everyone knows how much good is inside. The moral remains it’s not how you’re built, it’s what’s inside that makes you wonderfilled.

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There's a Buzz About Our Coffee


Here's What Young People Are Wearing in Bushwick

The Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn is equal parts industrial wasteland, emerging cultural center and flourishing arts scene for the young and creatively-inclined of New York. In the above feature, Times Video takes you to Bushwick's Morgan Avenue stop on the L train, where dancer and actress Madison Krekel fits into the young, artsy crowd with sushi socks, dyed green hair and a Cramps T-shirt.

The video above is a part of Times Video's "Intersection" series, which brings you from Brooklyn to Beijing, Portland to Paris – to capture the characters, looks and stories that are the hallmarks of a neighborhood’s style.

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A Design Experiment Inspired by Spike Jonze's 'Her'

Her is a love story, first and foremost. It inspired a wide community of designers in surprising ways.

Motherboard, in association with Microsoft and Warner Bros., hosted private screenings of the film followed by a 2-day design workshop, asking one question: How can human emotions inspire new interactions with technology and each other?

Captivated by Her takes a fresh look at what's possible. This two-part documentary follows a community of international artists, designers, and innovators as take part in a workshop exploring how basic human emotion and interaction can inspire new technology.

Check out the what went down during the LA workshop in the video above.



Modern Craftsmen: Jason Trammell

Jason Trammell is a Brooklyn-based drummer and musician who currently plays in the DFA Records band, Sinkane. Jason's interest for music began at an early age in North Carolina where he began collecting 45s at the mall, listening to juke music with his parents on long car rides, and being exposed to some of America's most iconic musicians. Soon, Jason took up the drums, eventually moving north to New York to expand on his interests in music. Here he began to work in sound design and film, as well as playing with different local bands, and pursuing personal passion projects.

We meet up with Jason at his practice space [...]


Meet the Palestinian Women's National Football Team

VICE Sports and Budweiser meet the Palestinian Women's National Team as they prepare to challenge a men's team to see how football can bridge cultural divides and combat conventions that discriminate against women.


Join the #UnitedWeShave Movement This Summer

This Independence Day, Schick® Quattro® is inspiring guys to reclaim their chins, buck beards and make this the summer of the jawline.

Guys, stop hiding your face and take back summer for the clean shaven because it’s hip to be square jawed with Schick® Quattro®. None of those jet powered, radio alarm clock, blades up the wahzoo razors for your face. All you need is a Schick® Quattro®, which does the job and does it well with its four blades of awesome righteousness.

Are your ready to join the Schick® Quattro® #UnitedWeShave movement and take back summer for the clean-shaven?


Stephen Merchant Ponders, What If the Brits Won? 

Brought to you by Newcastle Brown Ale

America, as you prepare to fire up the grill and enjoy the fireworks this Independence Day, Newcastle invites you to celebrate Independence Eve on July 3rd, and imagine how great America could have been if Britain won. To help explain further, we've enlisted British comedian Stephen Merchant, co-creator of the original British version of The Office. And just like his landmark comedy series, he believes the American version of our country pales in comparison to the British original. In his charming British accent, Stephen makes a convincing case for what could have been the greatest country on Earth: Great Britain 2. 

Visit www.ifwewon.com to get [...]


Where Will Your Pacifico Bottle Take You?

Discover the secret, hidden treasures of Baja and beyond this summer. One bottle at a time.

Pacifico first came to the U.S after it was found by American surfers while searching for waves along Baja’s beautiful coast. Because of this, Pacifico has an authentic spirit of discovery. Which is why now, under every iconic Pacifico cap, you'll find the latitude/longitude coordinates to one of twenty-one incredible adventures such as kayaking, snorkeling, spear fishing, and sand-boarding!

So this summer, grab a Pacifico and discover the best of Baja and beyond. Whether it's a glittering waterfall oasis in the midst of miles of dry, sunbaked lands, or an exhilarating dive into [...]


Follow Your NOLA in New Orleans


Modern Craftsmen: Jon Pyzel

Jon Pyzel took up surfing at a young age in Santa Barbara, CA, an area rich in surfing history and known to have some perfect waves. After traveling around surfing and competing, Jon realized that he needed to surf better waves in warmer water, making a permanent move to Oahu's North Shore in 1992. Here is where he started out fixing dings in boards, to eventually work his way up to full time glasser and shaped himself his first board around 1995. Working under some of the best shapers and glassers in the industry, Jon's understanding of the craftsmanship and time that went into hand shaping a surf board. [...]


The Long Shadow Of Peyton Manning: New From Times Video

In case you missed it, The New York Times launched its fancy new video platform, Times Video, last week. It's an easy-to-navigate archive of newsy bits, documentaries and original series covering topics both popular and obscure. We'll be publishing more videos throughout the week right here on The Awl so keep an eye out! Or even better, check them out for yourself.

The video above is a part of Times Video's "Retro Report," a documentary-style series which looks back at the major stories that shaped the world using fresh interviews, analysis and compelling archival footage. In this tragic episode, The New York Times looks back at the [...]


Meet Me in Rio

The English Gentleman is on Leave. We see him prepare for his trip visiting the tailors of Savile Row and commissioning the bespoke pieces he will need before heading to Rio. The five pieces he will need are: a multi-pocket and versatile wool travel jacket, a lightweight Cool Wool dinner suit, wide leg Cool Wool trousers in the season's bright colours, a navy blazer and a cream suit with patch pockets.

Find out more at Merino.com and Savile Row London.


National Geographic Is Calling All Modern Day Explorers

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Whether you prefer to explore in the outback or under a microscope, National Geographic is looking for the next generation of explorers in any field to submit their dream project for "Expedition Granted," where one person’s proposed expedition will be fueled by $50,000. 

Check out this video featuring Brain Games host Jason Silva, who shows you how to submit your big idea at expeditiongranted.com. Whether your goal is to secure a future for captive wildlife or bring music lessons to those who can't afford them, National Geographic and their incredible advisory council want to see your vision. 

To see other innovative project ideas that have [...]


Tips to Effortless Outdoor Entertaining


21st-Century Concentration Camps

In this video, Nicholas Kristof travels to Myanmar, where Muslims are confined to camps or within their own villages, deprived of jobs, schools and doctors.

The video above is a part of Times Video's "Op-Docs" series — a collection of short, opinionated documentaries produced with wide creative latitude and a range of artistic styles, about current affairs, contemporary life and historical subjects.

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The Battle for CTRL Begins


Football's Richard Sherman Offers Inspirational Message With Oberto

Around this time every year, hundreds of young men wait by their phones for "the call." This is no ordinary phone call — it's one that could change their lives forever. Will they be selected in the pro football draft? Will a team recognize the hard work and dedication they've put into their game and give them the opportunity to be a star? Cornerback Richard Sherman knows the feeling. Here's to the ones who made it.

Visit www.oberto.com/RSherman to hear about Richard Sherman's experience answering "the call.”