space is the place

Meanwhile, in the Void

Got to ‘smell’ outer space today when we opened the ISS hatch to the #Cygnus outer hatch. Smelled like wet clothes after rolling in snow.

— Reid Wiseman (@astro_reid) July 16, 2014

As the Earth prepared for one more round of chaos, an astronaut stopped to smell the hydrocarbons.


The Frontier Is Everywhere

I have always been an amateur cosmologist at heart; the mathematical rigors of real physics have always bored and vexed me, but the conceptual ideas surrounding our universe are, well, more interesting than anything we could ever possibly invent ourselves. The trouble with storytelling is, I suppose, that all stories are like many other stories, and even the most extraordinary ones are so familiar that, by all rights, we shouldn't ever be in awe of them. Still, what seems the most pedestrian, the most quotidien, the most mundane has, somewhere in it, the threads of the fantastic. No matter how dull a life and its story seem, it is, [...]