Oh Patti

"Smith, a somewhat unlikely fan of the series, fell in love with the 'Hunger Games' characters, as well as the 'revolutionary spirit' in Suzanne Collins's books, after going to the first premiere. She recorded a song for the 'Catching Fire' soundtrack and occasionally wears a Mockingjay on her chest when she performs, she said. This in particular resonates with her younger fans, she explained, who at her concerts will often make the symbol of resistance that appears in the movie." —Patti Smith, in what is not even the weirdest thing you will read before the end [...]


Hope for Male-Based Comedy Genre Flicks Rests on Kevin James

Will human beings attend movies about inept, slovenly men seeking hot chicks? Hollywood is banking on this breakthrough genre—but only if Kevin James can get the box office this summer for The Zookeeper, which opens July 8th. This movie aims big! It's an audacious attempt, but does the film also aim too low, painting men as buffoons, with big broad physical comedy and people getting hit in the nuts a lot? Executives in Hollywood were also quietly asking if Kevin James can manage a hit movie career while raising three children.


Woman Who Used To Be Little Girl Does Sexy Dance, Says Sexy Thing

Quick question: How many times are we going to watch the transformation of a former child star into a twenty-something taking charge of her sexuality and wielding it publicly, in part so that she can remain relevant in an industry where such an action is mandatory for continued viability, before we stop pretending to be shocked and decide to pay attention to something else instead? Hahaha, just kidding, the answer is obviously "as many times as it happens," because if we're still doing it at this point even after every contortion Britney had to undulate her way through for our sins, it is pretty clear that we can't stop. [...]


'Times' Rape Story Gets Sternest Language Available from a Public Editor

Just FYI: Gang Rape Story Lacked Balance is about as strong a condemnation as you'll get from the Times public editor. I mean, it's not like he's going to print "That Story Was a F'ing Shit Show, Am I Right?" It's not his way; they are exceedingly old world and genteel. Also, interesting that no editor or reporter interviews took place. (As of yet! That we know!)


Local Gay Gay

Sure thing, boss. And everyone who's ever asked Anderson Cooper straight up if he was gay and then taken flack for not being able to print it lifts a hearty gay middle finger! Eh, whatever, no hard feelings, God bless, let's all slide down the firepole in our converted firehouses together.