Shiny New Things

Please Welcome "The Awl's Weekend Companion," for iPad and iPhone

There's a whole bunch of ways to read now, and we'd like you to indulge in all of them, as you wish, even in the ways that don't particularly help us publish writing. One thing we've often heard from folks is that they would like a quiet thing to sit down with for reading—away from the laptop and the desktop, away from the IMs and Twitter and email and noise.

With the help of 29th Street Publishing, we've made The Weekend Companion. It's a weekly Awl magazine, and it comes out every Friday, for iPhone and iPad, through Apple's Newsstand. Each issue has just five or [...]


The Boeing 787 At Last Debuts

"The windows are absolutely amazing. You're not confined. You've got the outside inside." —*THROWS UP* No thanks! But hey, it's the first flight of the Boeing 787, for which Boeing made the windows 30% bigger. :( Also the bathroom has a window and a bidet. I think having a TV on the back of every seat in economy is really gross and weird! (Doesn't everyone have her own device anyway?) Anyway, here's the hour-long documentary on the mechanics, if you're an obsessed weirdo. (1.2 tons of air per second at full thrust!)


White iPhone 4 Sightings

Is the white iPhone 4 going to appear today? Maybe! Is there a reason that you need one? No, not at all. Apple's announcements today are thought to include a new OS (Lion!) and maybe a Verizon iPhone. But not only is Apple HQ apparently swimming in white iPhone 4s, and not only is the $8-million bedazzled iPhone 4 available to one lucky (stupid) buyer, then there's this, over at the house of Ben Baller, JEWELER to the STARS™. Why does he have one and you don't?