separated by a common language

British People Do Floors Wrong

"When the US photographer Ormond Gigli described the composition of one of his pictures in which women appeared in the windows of a multi-storey building (My best shot, 2 May, page 19, G2), some readers were left wondering by the reference to 'my wife (second floor, far right), the supervisor's wife (third floor, third from left)'. To clarify: the references to floors were in US English; in the photograph, Ormond's wife was on what would usually be known as the first floor in British English, and the supervisor's wife on the second floor."


Nerd And Toff Affirm Special Relationship By Playing World's Dorkiest Sport

"David Cameron and Barack Obama have further cemented their 'essential relationship' as the pair played ping pong doubles against students at the Globe Academy in south London. The US President showed poise and skill, while the Prime Minister, more at ease on a tennis court, repeatedly missed the table altogether. Luckily for the world leaders no score was kept during the match." Uh, U-S-A!, U-S-A!, I guess.