The Skorpion Show on Lady Gaga's "Judas"

The plot recount of Lady Gaga's "Judas" video begins at 2'44", which is really all you need: "The video starts off with Gaga on a motorcycle with her motorcycle gang and her behind Jesus and Judas behind her and she's looking behind her shoulder looking at Judas and everything and then Judas gets in front of everybody and Gaga starts singing 'Oh I'm in love with Judas' and, you know, I'm not even looking at Gaga no more, I'm looking at Jesus on the motorcycle and I shouldn't even be looking at Jesus like that." This is true.


American: The Bill Hicks Story Looks Back at a Fallen Icon

The late Bill Hicks always reminded me of Johnny Cash —perhaps it’s a combination of the black suit, Southern twang, and onstage chain smoking (some of his best bits are about whiny non-smokers). Plus, in his HBO special, he wears a cowboy hat. Both Hicks, a Texan, and Cash, an Arkansasian, seemed to tap into that uniquely Southern vein of Americanism that is equal parts idealism and rage; none of your New York-style flippant irony here.

But while Cash enjoyed mainstream success and lived to a ripe old age, Hicks died at 32 and achieved only moderate fame in the U.S., where he’s known as a “comedian’s comedian,” which, [...]