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Has America Fallen Out Of Love With Gas-Gulping Pickup Trucks?

The biggest car market in America is California, and the top-selling car in California is now the Toyota Prius hybrid. Does this mean America has fallen out of love with the pickup truck that has dominated U.S. automobile sales since Reagan first made "living like Southerners who need a pickup truck" the keystone of his domestic policy? Maybe!

The F-series Ford pickup has been the best-selling American "car" since Reagan was president. The sales of Ford pickups even increased by 10% in 2012, because the recovery of the housing market allowed housing industry workers to replace their old pickups. We have a very weird (and completely unsustainable) economy in [...]


Local Campaign Beset by Rumors of Santería

It began as a classic Hialeah politics whodunit: Little mirrors were glued on some of Acting Mayor Carlos Hernandez’s campaign yard signs.

The mirrors prompted a rumor in the no-love-lost mayor’s race that Hernandez was trying to appeal to voters who practice Santería.

Or spiritism. Or some other potentially politically embarrassing sect.

Lest we forget, Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah went to the Supreme Court in the early 90s; in it, the Court (including Scalia and Thomas!) ruled that a local ordinance forbidding animal sacrifice was unconstitutional, because it directly targeted a specific religion. So now in America we all get to sacrifice as [...]


Red State Gun Culture Kills Cops

This is a particularly brutal column coming in the wake of yesterday's big piece on the NYPD: eight black New York city college students reported being stopped and frisked 92 times all told. Meanwhile, also in the Times today, but over on the front page, it's this: killing of police officers is at a four-year-high. The Times plays this really big and really wrong, and calls this "a disturbing trend," but it's actually not. (It is disturbing, of course.) But 2008 was the ten-year low for police officers being killed, and 2012 is, so far, year-to-date, down 49% from last year. So it's actually the opposite of [...]


Yikes! The View out the Window from the Midwest

"But that was not the same snow," I say. "Our snow was not only shaken from white wash buckets down the sky, it came shawling out of the ground and swam and drifted out of the arms and hands and bodies of the trees; snow grew overnight on the roofs of the houses like a pure and grandfather moss…"

For some perspective on this view out the window: that shed is 7 feet tall.


What They're Arguing About in El Paso

Atheist coastal elites miss all the fun. Did you miss this awesome op-ed in the El Paso Times? Perhaps you did; I know how it is, the paper comes from El Paso every day and it just piles up and who can get through it fast enough, right? Anyway, the bishop is suing this priest who wrote this op-ed, Michael Rodriguez—and also moved him out of town, because he'd become "involved" in efforts to recall the mayor, because the mayor supports health benefits for gay and unmarried partners of city employees. It's big-time diocese drama! But yeah, probably not siding with the guy who thinks that the [...]