Weekend Indulgences

Some things to take in during this CALM BEFORE THE STORM weekend….

• How do you solve the problem of hiking? Surprise, it's with audiobooks.

• What do you do on the Day of the Goose? Spoiler… it doesn't end well for the geese.

• Should you be a telemarketer? No, it's insanely hard. (I was so bad at it.) And yet, if it's that or making coffee in Brooklyn, how will you decide?

• Here's a flashback maybe you missed from December that we're rereading: Jenny Kutner's story about her eighth-grade history teacher. (We got back to it via their triple-murder story.)



The Year America Caught Up To Thomas Pynchon

In Inherent Vice, a perhaps minor novel by Thomas Pynchon, that great chronicler of history at an angle, the pothead detective Doc Sportello frequently runs into, and gets help from, some science geeks—proto-nerds who use a semi-privatized version of ARPANET to help Sportello get info on the various people he’s hazily tracking.

These are seemingly throwaway characters, just a few minor notes in the typical Pynchonian symphony of bizarre names and tangled plot strands and sinister conspiracies. But they are more than that. They are the prophets of our modern world, where everything is connected, and where not only can anyone with the right access track everyone else, [...]