You're Invited to Saturday's One-Day Symposium on Literature and HIV

A thing to do this coming Saturday: "Transmissions," a day-long conference on literature and the first thirty years of HIV. Three events throughout the day, at the New School's Wollman Hall:

11 a.m.: THE LITERATURE OF AIDS FROM 1981 – 1995, with David France, Michael Denneny, Larry Kramer, Sarah Schulman, John Weir, and Edmund White.

2 p.m.: THE LITERATURE OF AIDS FROM 1996 – 2011, with Rabih Alameddine, Gary Indiana, Zia Jaffrey, Amy Scholder, and Max Steele.

7 p.m. READING with Rabih Alameddine, Michael Denneny, Gary Indiana, Zia Jaffrey, John Kelly, Larry Kramer, Jennie Livingston, Amy Scholder, Max Steele, John Weir, and Edmund White.


How You Can Fund Legal Representation for Women in Crisis

Do you like stairs and hate domestic violence? Great news! On the evening of October 6th, you have the opportunity in New York City to climb 42 flights of stairs as a fundraiser for inMotion, which provides free legal services for women, particularly women who are in the process of extricating themselves from abusive relationships. There will be rest areas on these stairs! But don't be too alarmed: you can sign up for 14 floors or even zero floors. Why not register now, as a team member or an individual? WHY NOT, I SAID? Do you want women to be in legal battles with abusers [...]


Alexander McQueen Show: Closing Soon, Extended Hours

Ooh, the Alexander McQueen show at the Met is now opening earlier for members and staying open later for the general public in the first week in August. Warning: the show allegedly closes August 7! That's soon! (Pro tip: go EARLY. The lines are bonkers.)


The 'Cabinet' Benefit: Support Your Great Local Publication

You know how benefits are stuffy and boring, and there's stupid table seating, and terrible food, and people you don't like, and then there's speeches about how awesome someone is that you don't care about? Not at this benefit! It's the Spring 2011 benefit for Cabinet magazine, which is both a non-profit and everyone's favorite mag. The thorougly unstuffy event is next weekend, in Brooklyn, and features local hottie/crazy and HBO auteur Jonathan Ames and "pickpocketing and close-up magic," and also alcohol. Tickets are cheap, as these things go, and they're also tax-deductible, and as it's two days after tax day, I know you are thinking [...]


FYI: Ash Wednesday is Tomorrow

Now that you know Mardi Gras is today, it stands to reason that you receive your yearly warning to non-Christians: tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, so don't be alarmed when you see the mark of Jesus on people's foreheads. (I know! Every year, it catches me by surprise!) Anyway, be polite, don't laugh and point, just roll with it: the Christians are a totally fine people, who believe in supporting the poor and loving neighbors, just as long as you don't spook or provoke them… or try to control your own body. (Sorry! God bless!)


Have Bedbugs? Can't Pay? Good News!

"Taking the Bite out of the Holidays is a charitable effort sponsored by BedBug Central that is offering free bed bug services to those in need who are suffering from bed bug infestations and do not have the means to better their situation this holiday season." Apply here. Sure, I'm also giggling about this a little but BEDBUGS and POVERTY AREN'T FUNNY, SO.


Tomorrow! Planned Parenthood!

Ooh, tomorrow night is the super-fun Planned Parenthood benefit! $25 bucks! Sandra Bernhard and Lisa Lampanelli! Hilarity and reproductive rights! What else are you doing tomorrow? I figure you have no plans besides wine and possibly some resulting reproductive health service needs.


Tomorrow's the Last Day of "Summer Streets" Weirdness

Tomorrow is the last day of Summer Streets programming, running down Manhattan at various locations with like, yoga and snacks and stuff. It's a very weird public-private endeavor, but I'm into it! Anything to make the City a little more unexpected. Plus: free bike repair in Soho! And sandcastles.


Pop-Up Magazine's Live Night in NYC

Tickets are apparently going fast for a strange evening this week: it's a "live" magazine collaboration between Pop-Up Magazine and ESPN. Yes, they're performing/making/having a magazine live on stage. It happens at the Skirball Center, on Wednesday, and if you want in, you better buy tickets now.


The TV News Is Broken!

A reminder for the weekend: turn off your TV.


Dear NYC Young People: You Never, Ever Call an Emergency Locksmith

Sooner or later in many a young person's life, he or she moves to New York City and is then fairly promptly locked out of his or her terrible first apartment late at night. When this happens, you young people should know, the answer is go sleep at a friend's house, or pick up someone in a bar and sleep at their house, or sleep in a park, even if it gets you hassled by a cop and it's 20 degrees out. This is what happens pretty much, without fail, when you call a locksmith at 1 a.m. We're sorry we didn't let you kids know this sooner. [...]


Bloomberg "AIDS Day" Bagel Breakfast to Be Protested by Bagels

"Dozens of outraged bagels plan to boycott Mayor Bloomberg’s annual World AIDS Day Bagel Breakfast. They will picket outside the breakfast, which takes place at 8 AM, December 1, at the Brooklyn Public Library on Grand Army Plaza. The baked goods are angry that for the last three years the mayor has hosted a bagel breakfast where he professes his commitment to combating New York City’s AIDS epidemic—and a month later proposes a budget that would devastate services for low-income New Yorkers with AIDS, especially AIDS housing services." (via)


Special Tickets For You to This Awesome Planned Parenthood Benefit!

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The #1 Way to Not Use Your Laptop

Helpful hint: Don't file-share child pornography on your laptop, law firm partners. Probably don't do it on any other computer/in any other profession either?


Building Gardens in the New York City Schools

What's that? A fundraiser to help expand a program in which New York City school kids build gardens, grow vegetables and make documentaries? Sounds like community organizing to me.


Local Man Needs Any Job At All, Please

Local man desires employment, can lift heavy things, manage offices, type on computers, serve food.


The More You Know: Always Be Fighting Panthers

"If attacked by an endangered Florida panther, stand tall and fight back—that's the advice wildlife officials are giving after a series of recent panther attacks on domestic animals in the southeast U.S. state." —Everything about that sentence amuses and excites!