As Goes Wisconsin, So Goes Hell

"Peterson said he believed it was human excrement."

A padded envelope filled with human feces is a Rorschach test, representing either: a state in democratic revolt against the overreaches of a berserker Republican legislature and governor; a Petri dish for the pushback against corporate ownership of government; or the last doomed charge of organized labor bashing its soft skull against the stone walls of a new era of "it's working" conservative austerity.

Wisconsin has become a place where arguments begin with John Adams' "Facts are stubborn things" and then follow with "The Bible tells us…" It's also a place where a leader who disbands collective bargaining is [...]


Who's Afraid Of Sarah Palin?

Man, remember when everyone was soiling their undergarments over the possibility that Sarah Palin might become president? These days she's getting compared to Gary Hart. And not the '84 model. It's a funny old world.


Party Down! It's Boehner Time!

Congratulations, America, John Boehner has just been elected your Speaker of the House. Now we can finally fix all this corruption. It's a bright new day!


Some Bills Pass

How's that hopey, changey stuff working out for ya?


Democrats Shouldn't Mention How Remarkably Stupid Their Opponents Are

The Democratic party is angering voters will all its sneering elitism, says Ben Smith. They'd do better to acknowledge the innate wisdom of common folk. Say, for example, Indiana's Norman Dennison, who feels this way about climate change: "It’s a flat-out lie. I read my Bible. He made this earth for us to utilize." Or small-business owner Lisa Deaton, who says, "They’re trying to use global warming against the people. It takes way our liberty. Being a strong Christian, I cannot help but believe the Lord placed a lot of minerals in our country and it’s not there to destroy us." I mean, how can you argue with [...]


Field Notes: A 2008 Obama Team Then And Now

It was early September 2008. Obama, by then widely regarded as the frontrunner in the general election, was campaigning from atop one of the most sophisticated, fully conceived political organizations this country has ever seen. An old college acquaintance of mine who was working for the campaign, Emily Thielmann, sent an email to a few friends saying her regional field director was looking to hire an additional field organizer. A mutual friend forwarded me the email, which I initially ignored, having little interest in quitting my job and moving to the small, mostly rural county in the thumb of Michigan where the office was. A few days later I was [...]


Obama Realizes Maybe Gay People Deserve Equal Protection Under The Law Too

"President Obama has decided that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and has asked his Justice Department to stop defending it in court, the administration announced today."


Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Steps Down

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs will depart from that position to become a political consultant to the President as he gears up for re-election. We will miss his blunt ways and general shininess.


Who Won The Census?

The numbers are out, and here's how the House of Representatives will be reapportioned: Texas gets four new seats, Florida gets two, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah and Washington get one new seat each. New York and Ohio each lose two seats, while Illinois, New Jersey, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Missouri and Massachusetts each lose one. This is considered very good news for Republicans, but then again, what isn't considered very good news for Republicans these days?


Last Night's Debate: Elizabeth Warren, Capitalist

Elizabeth Warren pretty much killed it in last night's Massachusetts Democratic Senator primary debates. (The Boston Herald rather gushingly agrees!) What's fascinating about Warren is that mostly she speaks from that odd place of 100% overlap between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. (Where she deviates from either side is on things like legalizing marijuana (she's quite against, actually!) and immigration (she believes in "retaining talent" in America, no matter where it was born.)) Consider her closing statement.


America Gets A Little Colder

Don't worry, poor people, Barack Obama will almost certainly take care of you once he gets re-elected. Until then, maybe you should pick up a couple of extra sweaters from Goodwill, just to be on the safe side.


Now Barack Obama Is Overexposed Again

Has the Barack Obama exposure cycle finally switched back to "we know too much about him" as opposed to the "we don't know enough about him" narrative that has been the conventional wisdom for the last year or so? NPR thinks so. Still too soon to call this one, but if you see it in a Maureen Dowd column in the next week or two the answer is probably yes.


This November, Vote Against The Chinese Takeover Of America

Wow, it looks like they actually went through with the remake of Red Dawn after all! Um, anyway… even in the context of China as the villain of the political season, this "slickly-produced new ad from Citizens Against Government Waste" leaves me speechless. And kind of angry. I just… well, I'll repeat myself: Wow.