Expert Made Available

Every morning, that first glance at your email is a concession and a gamble. It is a concession that this day will proceed in the manner of ___days past, and that you agree to deal with whatever shows up in your inbox, either by consciously engaging with it or consciously ignoring it; it is a simple wager that nothing too horrible has arrived since you last checked. A good gambler would look at the inbox (Unread: 1,642) and see only downside. And yet the tab stays open. And this morning:

Good morning and welcome to the first full week of August.


Let's Go Europe, NBA Edition

Paris or Phoenix. Barcelona or Oklahoma City. If you're planning a vacation, these aren't difficult choices. And if you're pursuing a career in professional basketball it's barely a choice at all. For all the fringe perks of gig hooping in Europe, playing in the NBA offers better pay and a higher public profile than playing anywhere else, as well as the opportunity to be posterized by Blake Griffin and endure reliably wrongheaded, weirdly passive-aggressive criticism from TNT's Reggie Miller.

But because of the long-running lockout, the NBA seems likely to make a lengthy stop in federal court before returning to the hardwood kind. This means that America's ballers are [...]