A Q&A With Editta Sherman, Celebrity Photographer, Age 100

Looking at Editta Sherman's celebrity portraits, you wonder: Who will be this era's Tyrone Power? Which current movie star will be the one hardly anyone recalls seventy years from now? Bale? Brody? Bloom? Whose name will draw blank stares from the Class of 2082? If you saw the documentary Bill Cunningham New York, you certainly remember Sherman, the vivacious nonagenarian photographer who was Cunningham's Carnegie Hall neighbor and the muse for his shamefully out-of-print book Facades. Since 1949, she lived and worked in the artist studios above Carnegie Hall. She also raised five children there. In 2010, she, Cunningham, and the other remaining tenants were moved out so the [...]


Cass Bird is Getting All the Work

I unabashedly love photographer Cass Bird and I did not expect her to become the next big hot commercial thing, and yet here she is! Shuffle over, chilly ol' Rineke Dijkstra! Recently Bird…

Shot the most recent T cover, of Cate Blanchett;

• Shot Salma Hayek for T before that;

Directed this "Truth or Dare" video for Sophomore NYC;

• Did the Wrangler campaign with people on fire;

• Directed a Raveonettes video;

• and I don't even know why there's this photo of LeBron with her in a fireman's carry.

Also she apparently has a [...]