Our Terrifying Future

Listicles, Like The Poor, Will Be With You Always

"Content is changing from something people consume to yet another badge they use to identify themselves. Many BuzzFeed lists are as much about psychology as editorial. '27 Signs You Were Raised by Asian Immigrant Parents' is a way for people to say something clever (and possibly meaningful) about who they are. The best part: They don’t have to think about it or be clever themselves." —The listicle is here to stay, apparently, and we can blame it on young people and their inability to focus on anything that requires more than 30 seconds of sustained [...]


Terrible Parenting Creating A Generation Of Screen Addicts

"Parents who constantly check and use smartphones and iPads around their children may be driving them into a lifelong dependency on TV and computer screens, according to a leading psychologist. Dr Aric Sigman said such 'passive parenting' in the face of the new media environment is actually a form of neglect. He will tell a group of Britain’s leading doctors today that the growing addiction could leave a generation suffering damage to the body as well as the brain." —This is just the way The Machines planned it, right?

Photo by Anatoliy Samara, via Shutterstock