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IBM Supercomputer "Watson" Learns Filthy Words From Illiterate Kids

Remember "Watson," the fancy IBM computer that appeared on Jeopardy as Alex Trebek a contestant? A scientist at IBM tried to teach it the slang used by the kids, probably so the supercomputer can write the next Twilight series or maybe churn out a three-volume slash-fiction series loosely based on Twilight or À la recherche du temps perdu. In order to make the genius computer speak in a way modern idiots would understand, researcher Eric Brown forced Watson to digest the entirety of UrbanDictionary.com—the whole filthy thing, with its Boston Steamers and Donkey Punches and King James Versions.

Brown attempted to teach Watson the Urban Dictionary. [...]


Justine Bateman's Kickstarter

"I am self-publishing a book of poetry and artwork I created in my 20's called 'Violence + Feathers.' I worked as an actress on a very popular TV show in the 80's called FAMILY TIES. This book was created a short time after that series ended as I was acting in films and plays." —It's Justine Bateman's Kickstarter! Will she make it? "THIS PROJECT WILL ONLY BE FUNDED IF AT LEAST $19,000 IS PLEDGED BY SATURDAY OCT 29, 11:01AM EDT"! Preemptive note that the Internet requires, due to the "problem of conveying tone": I am bringing this up as a fascinating piece of the cultural moment, not as [...]