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Where Did All the Good Internet Go? Vine, Probably

So something happens in the culture and you want to immerse yourself in it completely and immediately—say, a Knowles/Carter internecine conflict. Where are you supposed to go? Facebook is too slow and too dumb. Twitter is an overwhelming cascade of bad topical jokes and links; it will get you there, but it feels like work. Tumblr is great if you already know your way around and unapproachable if you don't. You can check all your popular culture websites sites for the roundups and updates but at that stage the magic has been stripped away. What are we supposed to do, Google stuff? No! Nightmare.

Here's what I've been doing [...]


Thing Used To Be Better

Remember when Slate's counter-intuitive takes on news and culture were as intricate and considered as they were infrequent? Now it seems like every day there are at least two or three pieces like "Cancer Is Actually Pretty Great," "Cory Booker: Too Liberal For New Jersey," or "Blowjobs Are Just As Demeaning For The Recipient As They Are For The Giver." I guess you can blame the Internet and its insatiable thirst for content.


The Dog That Solves Love Crimes

"The Bobo Diaries chronicle the adventures and exploits of a private detective known as Bobo Love in this live action comic strip come to life. Bobo's specialty is love related crime. Every relationship is a crime scene waiting to happen. When it does, sometimes Bobo gets the call."