Oh No

All That We Have Foreseen Has Come To Pass In Brooklyn

"Finnbar! Get in the stroller right now, I mean it!" #brooklyn

— Sam Dolnick (@samdolnick) March 26, 2014


Tumblr Unveils New "Cockshots For All" Initiative

There you go. Thanks, Yahoo! Flip on that webcam and do whatever you think is appropriate.


The Horrible NYC Starbucks Bathroom Masturbator

.bbpBox{background:url(http://a1.twimg.com/profile_background_images/158484861/Mr_Peepee.jpg) #C0DEED;padding:20px;}

I'm at Starbucks (4 W 21st St., 5th Ave., New York) http://t.co/XPECRWbAThu Oct 20 18:10:45 via foursquareMister PeePeeMisterPeePee

"A guy who calls himself Mister PeePee set a goal of masturbating in every Starbucks in New York City, then photographing the results. Don't believe it? You can listen to this self-described 'big fan of Starbucks' discuss his plans — in detail — on a podcast, and read his results on Twitter."


You Slept With Too Many Men At Work, And Other Reasons Why You Ladies Are Single


Stupid Striking BART Union Doesn't "Get" Silicon Valley Values

Had to literally get up and walk away from my computer at the second Sarah Lacy quote. http://t.co/zFjLq9usLo

— Kevin Roose (@kevinroose) July 8, 2013

It was fun yesterday watching these quotes from Pando's Sarah Lacy spread across Twitter last night, each person discovering it afresh, so that every time I checked Twitter, there was always someone having a bad feeling. Sarah Lacy, founder of tech news site Pando Daily, which is based in San Francisco, said “If I had more friends who were BART drivers, I would probably be very sympathetic to their cause, and if they had more friends who were building companies they [...]


U.S. to Charge Assange as a "Spy" Apparently

Spying indictment "imminent" for Julian Assange, says his lawyer. Let's all go read up on the Espionage Act, eh?


NY1 Redesigned To Include One Less Hot Jogging Guy

In Time Warner's effort to "rebrand" NY1 to make it look just like other Time Warner local properties (WHY? We don't care about other properties!), they've redone the music and bumpers and titles and stuff. Fine. But there's a casualty of this change, as there always is.

@tmcgev @choire I didn't even know there was a hot jogger. Reviewing tapes now.

— Pat Kiernan (@patkiernan) December 16, 2013

That's right. Along the way, NY1 killed Hot Jogger Guy, who used to appear in the pre-weather montage thingey, whoever he is. RIP Hot Jogger Guy. We'll always have this screenshot of you.


Miami Goes Full Cuba–They're Going to Mandate Sick Days for Workers!!!

Frightening news for Miami's aging right-wing Cuban population: the county is considering going FULL-FIDEL. One lone City Commissioner/communist is putting forward an ordinance that will force all employers to let their employees accrue sick time. This is worse than Obamacare! Nearly half of all workers in the county currently do not get sick time, according to "some random dude from a union," whose pockets are lined with money stolen from little children.

Local Miami commenters respond to the Herald's shocking report:

• "why should they even have to work!!! ill just send them money."

• "What I don't understand is that if the liberals want this, why don't [...]