Oh I See

Terry Richardson: I Am The Hunted Witch!

Infamously handsy photographer Terry Richardson calls women consenting adults with free will who should know what to expect when they get in a studio with him. Well, that clears that up! This photo is a useful reference probably. :/


IDF Bulldozer Officially Accidentally Runs Over Person Twice

The death of Rachel Corrie—who was bulldozed while trying to prevent a house demolition in Palestine, atop a pile of dirt and wearing an fluorescent orange vest—has been ruled an accident in court in Israel.


In Russia, Elections Monitor You

"A Moscow court on Friday ruled that the country’s sole independent election watchdog had broken Russian law by publishing citizens’ complaints about campaign abuses during the run-up to this weekend’s parliamentary elections." —"Most of the reports concern the ruling party, United Russia, which is struggling to preserve its control of parliament at Sunday’s vote."


Happy 6015th Birthday, Planet Earth!

NOTHING brings me greater pleasure than WorldNetDaily's email list. Today's subject line: "Earth's 6015th birthday this year!" It's an important way to keep in touch with the Other America. (Maybe I'll actually buy this book, too! After all? "This is one of the most important literary, historical and Christian works you'll ever own, a treasure for any home library. It's a must for your homeschool library.")


Almost 3 Days Later, Police Find Gun in Car of Man They Shot!

As an update to our coverage of one of America's biggest African-American get-togethers, on Memorial Day weekend: about 60 hours after shooting the driver of a car early Monday morning, Miami Beach police found a gun in the car, as they promised they would. It was "out of plain sight," hence why it took them… more than… two days… to find it…. inside the car. “We were told he was seen with a firearm and, sure enough, there was a firearm in the car," said the chief of police. (That's a real quote!)


How Has New York City's Real Estate Boom Treated The Homeless?

Hey, how have Bloomberg's homeless and housing policies been working out? Let's see!

"Desperate for shelter space, New York City has been paying landlords in low income communities much more for their apartments than they could get in the private market. The result? Landlords are pushing out paying tenants to make room for the homeless….

For the last year, the number of people in New York City’s shelter system has hovered around a record 50,000 overall. Nearly half are children. The numbers of people in shelters have shot up since 2011, when state- and city-funded programs designed to help people move into permanent housing were eliminated….

In fiscal [...]


Cat Looks Unhappy Swimming in Anderson Cooper's Pool

This cat swims and newsman Anderson Cooper is ON IT. (via)


CEO Says CEO Thing

Let's play compare and contrast!

Mark Zuckerberg: "Recently, the US Federal Trade Commission established agreements with Google and Twitter that are helping to shape new privacy standards for our industry. Today, the FTC announced a similar agreement with Facebook."

The government: "The social networking service Facebook has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private, and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public. The proposed settlement requires Facebook to take several steps to make sure it lives up to its promises in the future."


The Fable of Curry Todd

"Tennessee state Rep. Curry Todd, a lead sponsor of a law allowing handgun carry permit holders to bring guns into bars, has been arrested on charges of drunken driving and possession of a gun while under the influence." —Let's all have a good laugh and move on. To linger on this is just like eating the entire bag of candy. [Via]


Do You Want to Smell Like "Red Hook"?

Meet Brooklyn Grooming, "the borough’s premiere small-batch, hand-made, all-natural, organic, artisanal, very Brooklyn men’s (and women’s) grooming line."


"New Evidence the World Will End in 2012?"

Our friends at WorldNetDaily have a real winner in today's email blast! Here is my favorite part: "Tom Horn says from deepest antiquity, a plot involving pagan sun-worshippers, America's Founding Fathers, Masons and Freemasons has apparently been in the works, culminating in the end time with the return or resurrection of an evil, supernatural being. That character may actually be pictured as the all-seeing eye on top of the uncapped pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States, found on the back of a $1 bill." Are you upset that he didn't mention Hitler yet? GOOD NEWS. Says our author: "It's very easy to take extraordinary circumstances to [...]


The 'NYT' Occupy Wall Street Front Pager Was an Inside Job

Kay Merryweather, 34, an artist on the Lower East Side, volunteers at Trinity Church, giving out food. She said that during the financial crisis, when banks were receiving bailouts and financial executives were receiving multimillion-dollar bonuses, the church often ran out before the long lines of working poor were fed. “The bankers were getting all of these millions,” Ms. Merryweather said. “And we didn’t have enough food.”

But not far away, Benny Zable, 66, a longtime activist, was protesting while wearing a gas mask and a suit that read “Work Consume Be Silent Die.” He said his outrage came from the heedlessness of economic growth. “It’s the greed factor,” [...]


Florida's Tea Party Economics Plan a Total Failure

"Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature face a $1.5 billion revenue shortfall, state economists said Tuesday….The projections are not what lawmakers had in mind last session when they cut regulations, slashed spending and eliminated more than 4,000 state jobs to balance the $69 billion budget…. Lawmakers also turned away billions in federal transpiration [um, sic?] and health care money, and tried to boost the economy by including $70 million in tax incentives." —Well, there you have it.