Oh Come On

I Just I Don't I Can't I Mean

This is actually a few days old but I am just now finally able to post it because—oh God, no, I am getting a little sick again. Go on without me.


Newspaper: Manhattanites Refrained from Cannibalism with Large Doses of Food

"A tightening of the waistband hardly counts as a crisis in a region where so many have endured actual devastation…. Still, the extra pounds provided evidence of a disaster-psychology mind-set that took hold during Sandy: in times of crisis, New Yorkers discovered, food fills an emotional need, not just a physical one." —Next time, there will be people eating people. Seems reasonable.


Things to Worry About: "Surgically Implanted Explosive Devices"

"Air security is expected to tighten, particularly for international flights into the United States, in light of recent intelligence that terrorists might be considering boarding flights with surgically implanted explosive devices, an American security official said Wednesday." —Good night nurse.