Office Life

Workplace Innovation Stifled

"A federal agency sued a New York customer service provider on Wednesday after allegations the company forced employees to pray, thank God for their jobs and say 'I love you' to managers and colleagues at work, and fired those who protested… The company fired several employees who refused to adhere to the Onionhead doctrine, which was created by the aunt of the company's owner."


On the Scourge of 'Office Speak'

Work is tiresome enough, and then there's office speak. When transposed to the office, simple annoyances like your roommate eating a piece of cheese that belonged to you, or not filling up the Brita balloon into week-long campaigns of carefully executed passive aggression. It's hard enough to tolerate your coworkers 40 hours out of the week, so why complicate it by perpetuating a vocabulary of empty phrases? It's easy to create a false sense of comfort by lacing your daily speak at work with words that don't make any sense at all.

The way we speak in offices now is a result of a movement to humanize the worker. Emma [...]