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A Brief History of Manhattanhenge

Late this evening—be ready by 8—the sun will fall into alignment with the Manhattan grid, illuminating the borough's cross streets with a full, golden glow. In return, the city's buildings will frame the sun perfectly: Photographers, charge your batteries!

You never know what else will happen during Manhattanhenge. In 1991, a dozen children rose from their strollers in the Upper West Side and walked into the park; they were found an hour later, pinned gently against the inside of the bandshell dome, laughing. During 1995's second Manhattanhenge, a cub reporter at the Post, acting on an anonymous phone tip, stared directly into the sun and repeated an unfamiliar name [...]


It's a Sign

It turns out that making a neon sign isn't so different from slicing fish: The people who how to do it properly are staring into the abyss of their own grave. (Good morning!)