Marian–LOL MARINA–Abramovic Just Wants $34,748 More From You

Oh my word, Marina Abramovic is totally gonna get her $600,000 on Kickstarter to like put a roof on the bare wrecked shell of a building that she bought in Hudson for almost a million dollars. That thing is a disaster! But soon it will be a beacon, a pillar, a dark crystal of longform time-based performance art. (That's like taking a train ride up the river, but with intentionality.) The performance artist who put the fun back in fundraising is up against a deadline of this weekend, but surely she'll get there. After all, this happened?

I would need a Kickstarter to raise money to pay someone [...]


Tiny Portion of Brooklyn Beset By Too Much Parking :(

Downtown Brooklyn has a temporary "glut" of parking, which is mandated for new developments, because in part there is just so much transit available. (These are all transitional issues; also, this is only specific to like, the 18 or so square blocks of downtown Brooklyn.) So the City is working on rezoning to give developers back the parking spaces. "'They would turn it into more luxury housing,' [Councilwoman Letitia] James said, suggesting that it was naïve to think developers would volunteer to turn their extra parking into subsidized housing or a community space." YA THINK.