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Less Stop And Frisk? Also Less Murder

"Last week, there were no murders at all. The drop comes even as officers are doing only about half as many stop-and-frisks as they did at the beginning of last year."

Bill de Blasio's New York is going to be:

A) A rainbow paradise

B) A gangster's paradise

C) 1979

D) 1988

E) 1992


Bloomberg's Dumb Tactics Result in Occupation of Wall Street

So Mike Bloomberg's eviction of Occupy Wall Street has actually resulted in a large protest this morning that is actually occupying Wall Street. You just know there's a team of mayoral advisors, familiar with the First Amendment, who are sitting in an office right now with their arms crossed, being all "la la la, told you so." More good pics here. Arrests are already taking place.

Photo by CBC superfox David Common.


Big Government Forces Poor Doctors to Report Free Sandwiches

“Some companies fear that doctors may no longer want to engage in consulting arrangements, and such reluctance could chill innovation." —That's the "executive vice president of the Advanced Medical Technology Association" standing up for American freedom. They're "advocates" for medical technology… with an address on Pennsylvania Ave., so they must know what they're talking about. Big Government is forcing doctors to explain from whom they're taking money and free vacations! When will the U.S. get out of the business of regulating our doctors' bodies?!