Media Vita In Morte Sumus

How Can You Be Bored When You're Going To Die?

"I’ve never understood about boredom. I realise that with time and repetition all pleasures can run out. Yelling in our cots and watching them come to hover over us anxiously; sex; TV; reading; long walks on frosty afternoons if that is the sort of thing you like; drugs, even; everything palls, eventually. But how can anyone be bored when there’s always death to think about? Every day. Every hour. Don’t you?"


iLine iShort

"[O]n every previous launch day I’ve got out to the parking lot of this same mall at somewhere around 3:30 to 4:00 in the morning – and have been at least among the first 25 in line (sometimes within the first 10). But by store opening time at 8AM the line easily stretched into the hundreds for the first few launches.

Today at 8AM there were 16 of us in line for the iPad Air." There are photos, but you alone can judge your [...]


Meet Me At The German Death Cafe

"Graveyards may not seem the ideal location for afternoon tea, but there is a trend towards opening cafes inside cemetery walls in Berlin and other cities. They offer comfort not just for the bereaved but for local people and tourists who seek tranquility."