Media Studies

Fifty Years Before Ferguson

How the media talked about a dead teenager, fifty years ago last month:

The shooting occurred at 9:20 A.M. outside a six-story white brick apartment house at 215 East 76th Street, opposite the Senator Robert F. Wagner Junior High School, where summer school classes were in progress

The dead boy was James Powell, a student at the school, who lived at 1686 Randall Avenue, the Bronx. The police said the youth had been shot twice, in the right hand and in the abdomen, by Lieut. Thomas Gilligan of Brooklyn's 14th Division.

The trouble began when Patrick Lynch, superintendent of the building at 215 East 76th Street, sprayed water on [...]


Story Covered

Delta Airlines blasted after World Cup tweet depicts Ghana with picture of giraffe — which don’t live in country

No giraffes in Ghana! Delta sorry for World Cup tweet Delta Air lines blasted for Ghana World Cup defeat ‘Giraffe’ tweet

Delta's World Cup Tweet Really Couldn't Have Gone Worse

Delta Airlines accused of racism over 'giraffes in Ghana' tweet Delta Airlines offends with World Cup tweet

Delta Air Lines Loses the World Cup: What Do Giraffes Have To Do With Ghana?

Delta Airlines thinks Ghana has giraffes and commits the first social media fail of the World Cup

Delta [...]


Ferguson, Missouri, According to Drudge

"Today Matt Drudge can influence the news like Walter Cronkite did," Mark Halperin said in a 2006 interview promoting his new book, cowritten with John Harris, who had not yet founded Politico. "If Drudge says something, it may not lead everybody instantly in the same direction, but it gets people thinking about what Matt Drudge wants them to think about." A late entry in the literature of the Drudge mythology, but a representative one: Drudge drives the news! All hail Drudge, the rascal.

Eight years later, his site looks and feels the same. The same people read it: The establishment crew maybe a little less; the paranoiacs maybe a [...]


Everything The New York Times Had "On The Back Burner" Last Year

Mid-East peace. The China-Japan Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands dispute. Diabetes. A desire for a Manhattan apartment. Living in New York. The European bank crisis. A personal dream of opening a Mediterranean restaurant. Unsolved cases of lost New York cell phones. Climate change for Republicans. Equity for Libyan women. American social issues. Playwright Jon Fosse’s career. Carrots. The Aquada, an amphibious sports car. Quota reform at the IMF to alleviate Eurocentrism. A dictum that interior designer David Wiseman once heard: ‘Ask the material what it would like to be.’ A plan to install a floating shelf. What to do with the millions of Palestinians.