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Mayor Smaug Sad :(

Only 27 shopping days remain until the De Blasio Era begins, in which each subway car is its own Thunderdome of homeless people and left-wing crazies. And last night Bloomberg gave the first of his farewell speeches, and did that DARN THING THAT HE DOES where he suddenly starts saying awesome things:

[H]e recalled his unwavering support for a proposed mosque near the World Trade Center site, which much of the country angrily opposed.

“When a faith community wants to build a house of worship in a particular neighborhood,” he said, “we don’t tell them to look someplace else.”

“We are one city,” he added, “open to all, [...]


You Know What Era Can't End A Moment Too Soon? The Bloomberg Era

.@mikebloomberg says, because it can't be automated, becoming a plumber is a better deal economically than going to Harvard.

— Kate Taylor (@katetaylornyt) May 17, 2013

Bloomberg: "We would love to get billionaires from around the world to move here; they're the ones who go to the stores, spend a lot of $."

— Kate Taylor (@katetaylornyt) May 17, 2013

Good grief! I mean "at least he doesn't smoke crack" I guess?


Mike Bloomberg and "the chilling prospect of public disclosure"

Why did the Bloomberg administration expend hours and hours of City time keeping the Cathie Black emails private? There weren't that many of them. They weren't that interesting, overall. Their defense showed that the Mayor's office—or "Mb" himself, as Bloomberg's permanent #2, Patricia Harris, refers to him in emails—believes this: "the principles permitting government employees to exchange opinions, advice and criticism freely and frankly, without the chilling prospect of public disclosure, should extend to individuals who have been elected or selected to public office but have not yet assumed office." That's right. Because the machinations of installing an entirely unqualified local famous person to run (ruin?) New York City's [...]